Ukraine and Biden: We will not send F-16 fighters. China: “No more weapons” – Europe

Ukraine and Biden: We will not send F-16 fighters. China: “No more weapons” – Europe

On the 341st day of the war in Ukraine, it is still the gun match that heightens tensions over the conflict. The United States will not send F16 fighters to Ukraine. Joe Biden told the following reporters. And the American president replied with “no” to those who asked him if he supported sending planes to the Kyiv forces, which are being requested more and more insistently these days. Then Joe Biden announced his upcoming trip to Poland without specifying whether he would go on the anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

And after the tanks, it was French President Emmanuel Macron who opened a window to the fighters on which Kyiv relied: “Nothing is ruled out in principle,” said the President of the Elysee, giving hope to the new requests of the Ukrainian government, which in addition to planes wants other missiles and even German submarines, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Melnik. Regarding the dispatch of the F16s, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has specified that the decision will only be taken in “full coordination” with NATO, but Berlin is not talking about it, at least for now: “It’s the wrong time” to discuss it, he said. Government spokeswoman Christiane Hofmann repeated Chancellor Schulz’s words that in any case “there are no” combat aircraft at stake. Instead, the French president stressed that there are “criteria” that must be respected before any decision is taken: “a formally formulated request” from Ukraine, “there is no escalation,” “Russian territory has not been touched,” and finally that “the capacity of the French army not weaken.”

From Italy, on the other hand, the supply of Samp / T anti-aircraft defense systems to Kyiv is becoming more and more.“It is possible that they will be sent,” said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, stressing that before any move “the parliament will be informed by Defense Minister Crocito.” Italian support will be embodied precisely in France’s contribution, while confirmation of an agreement with Rome for the manufacture of another 700 Aster anti-aircraft missiles has arrived from Paris. Italian sources confirmed that they were not sent to Kyiv, but “to modernize the air defenses of the two countries.” However, Macron’s words show that the debate about combat aircraft in Ukraine is open between Western partners, after that until now there were only closed doors for Kiev on an issue more thorny than the issue of tanks, which has already angered Moscow and its allies. China entered the discussion with a straight leg, and after asking NATO to put aside the “Cold War mentality”, attacked the United States, saying: “They should stop sending weapons and reaping the fruits of war.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning warned.

While for Moscow the continued shipment of arms to Kyiv represents a “stalemate leading to a major escalation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned.. But the West rejects the accusations and stands its ground: France and Australia have reached an agreement to supply Ukraine with 155-mm shells, while British Defense Minister Ben Wallace reports that Challenger tanks will arrive in Kyiv “before summer, or May, probably Easter.” If the military support is clear, then the political support must also be clear for Kyiv, which includes sports as well. Accordingly, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak has disputed the International Olympic Committee accusing it of “war mongering” by not excluding the Russians from the 2024 Paris Olympics. While the discussion is taking place, a tally of the dead is taking place on the ground following Russian attacks in nine Ukrainian regions, in which he was killed Five people and 13 others were injured. Donetsk remains the hotspot on the front, and after Solidar the clash of claims between Kyiv and Moscow moved to Vogledar, the new center of fighting 150 kilometers from Bakhmut. Pro-Russians talk of an advance near the city, but Kyiv denies this: “We have not lost our positions.”

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