Experience the views and dimensions of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé 430i MSport Steptronic spec sheet

Experience the views and dimensions of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé 430i MSport Steptronic spec sheet

Almost two cars in one

it is aboutfamily coupeIt has large dimensions (478 cm long), which has almost the momentum of the 4 Series Coupe (from which it is derived). However, compared to the latter, it is 6 cm higher, adds two doors for easier access to those sitting behind and a larger trunk, as well It is better accessed from the tailgate. Instead, the front remains bold with the typical BMW grille enlarged, and in this M Sport design level, with large black grilles fitted into the bumper. For both, however, the instrumentals are those shorter than Series 3. As for space, the passenger compartment is in The BMW 430i Gran Coupe It does not make you regret the traditional sedan and provides a sporty luxury atmosphere. However, the roof handle for the front passenger and the soft lining of the pockets in the doors are missing.

Plus a hybrid (gasoline or diesel) and a “full electric” (which is called an i4) The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe There is also petrol only in the 184 hp versions or, in the case of the 430i, the 245 hp. The engine is a smooth-running 2.0-cylinder turbocharged four-cylinder, which transfers power to the rear wheels: given the high performance (6.2 seconds recorded time in “0-100”), The average distance is 14.3 km/l It’s respectful. The only change is the quick eight-speed automatic transmission with torque converter, for the test car in the Sport Efficient variant: With a little extra, it adds paddle shifters behind the wheel, and Launch Control (the Rocket makes it easy to get the most out of the engine and limit tire slip). And the Sprint function: by pressing the left lever, lower several gears at once and use the lowest gear possible to get a better shot.

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Evidence The BMW 430i Gran Coupe Smooth and more satisfying for an M Sport: the setting lowered by a centimeter gives you more agility (at the price of a few jolts over potholes) and the variable steering (it becomes more direct after the first few turns) is precise. Added to this is the M Laptimer: a free app for iPhone, which displays measured times, performance (such as the maximum speed reached) and various driving style information on the car’s console display and on the mobile phone’s screen (including accelerator and brake interventions) recorded on a particular trip. It also allows you to connect your smartphone camera to take pictures while driving. However, despite Salty price From the BMW 430i Gran Coupe, they are my choice Numerous safety and convenience systems, such as mirror blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. The M brake system with larger discs, which was found on the test car and proved to be very effective, is also available for a fee.

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