Hamburgers, what to do if they shrink during cooking? dimple makeup

Hamburgers, what to do if they shrink during cooking?  dimple makeup

Does hamburger always shrink while cooking? Try the dimple trick. The result was surprising. Here’s how.

Burgers – tasty and popular

the hamburgerOf course, it is a food that all meat lovers really like. On the other hand, it must be recognized that they have captivating flavour.

Nowadays, however, it is very common in many parts of the world Precisely because of his indisputable goodness. However, despite the fact that it is now sort of American symbolHamburger is not of American origin.

Effective way, hamburger It is used to prepare Delicious stuffed sandwiches Which are generally found in the so-called fast food, that is, the types of restaurants spread throughout the world.

Hamburger (Pixels) –

However, as mentioned earlier, the United States is not it The birthplace of the hamburgerHowever, it is also understood as meat included in two pieces of bread.

The name of this meat, in fact, means king Hamburgbecause it was in this German city that this method of eating meat was invented.

Currently short hamburger It is certainly a highly appreciated food that can also be enjoyed, often and willingly, without bread and alongside some vegetables.

And so, for example, if you like this kind of meat, you can combine it with the gods artichoke au gratinFor some cooked potatoes or one bunch of salad.

The dimple burger trick for tender meat

the hamburger It is a type of meat that is now popular in many parts of the world. In particular, it is about Pressed minced meatUsually beef, pork or chicken.

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Nowadays, however, the term hamburgermost often, refers to the sandwich stuffed with the meat and other ingredients suggested in the sandwich fast food.

Fast food sandwich

Stuffed fast food sandwich (Pexels) –

Be that as it may, theburgers Real, understood as meat, can be easily prepared at home, and even without great culinary skills.

In fact, usually, just dab a little oil frying pan Cooking burgers On both sides and flavored with a little Salt, black pepper and rosemary.

In short, it is certainly not a long preparation, on the contrary, it is very something Simple and fast. However, sometimes a small problem can arise.

In fact, that may happen hamburgerIt shrinks excessively during cooking. In fact, it seems to be mostly based on the amount of fat is inside.

If, therefore, thenhamburger It contains a lot of fat, during cooking it can be lost volume 30%. So, be smart, and choose a burger that contains the least 80% lean meat.

Then once you have it in the pan The Lean Burgermake one Dimple in the centerPress with the help of a fork. In this way, in fact, you will be able to avoid a Juices disperse.

The dimple hamburger trick

The dimple hamburger trick (Pexels) –

If you follow this simple trick, you will eventually find that it is yours Bigger burger For what could have been.

In short, it’s not a difficult process at all, so the next time you want to eat a Good burger, you just have to remember this precious suggestion. seeing is believing.

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