“Russian soldiers no longer obey”: this is what is happening at the front

“Russian soldiers no longer obey”: this is what is happening at the front

If the morale of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine had already fallen to a minimum before yesterday’s parade in Moscow for Victory Day, then the words of the tsar did not “convince” much of Putin’s men involved in the Donbass. As we saw on Giornale.it, a few days ago news arrived about the operations of self-sabotage that they will carry out against their own tanks to remove them from service and avoid combat according to the objections of the Ukrainian Security Service. Along the same lines, the file pentagonal He received news of rebellions from the Russians in the Donbass who refused to carry out orders from their superiors.

The two main reasons

This is why progress is slow, and there are at least two Reasons: Like courier, infantrymen do not want to take unnecessary risks and do not advance until firearms destroy or hit targets. There the fields are muddy too and there is a certain difficulty for some of the methods, it is not a new problem, tactics and logistics are not quite the best. All these elements combined make us think of the early stages of the war when Russian soldiers had to fall but that never happened. Nevertheless, the Moscow army is in a very favorable position with the troops deployed in the Donbass and the possible encirclement of the Ukrainians, even if the tactic involves medium to long periods.

The difficulties of the Russians

Like we said, what we learned from the Pentagon once again highlights the fragility For Moscow also from a historical point of view: when it came to the occupation of Georgia and Syria, everything was faster and the number of soldiers was certainly less. And then, the drills that have been done in recent years have a huge difference compared to when you go down on the real battlefield. As we have written many times, then, many of the Russian generals killed hitherto did not benefit the younger ones and those waiting to receive orders because they had little or no experience. Hence the Russian counterattacks, which have not yet lived up to tonight’s expectations. On the other hand, the Ukrainians seemed, paradoxically, better equipped and sanctified.

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war of attrition

While the Ukrainians are virtually certain of NATO supplies, the Kremlin can still count on its warehouses with weapons that can be used in the coming weeks. After the US, even British intelligence indicates that the Russians still have few accurate systems with their military aircraft using old bombs. Let us not forget, then, that even by sea the losses were significant: who knows how they would have gone if Moskva and Admiral Makarov were still working. However, as war experts write, they believe that the Russians have only gods problem And that the Ukrainians would surely win risk turning into a rebound just as they did in the beginning.

Suppose Putin’s speech yesterday, with its calm tone, is not very convincing: it may be a strategy aimed at NATO and the West, but it may conceal much more.

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