The Japanese solution to taking care of our body

The Japanese solution to taking care of our body

Take care of your body with the ZEN diet: the infallible Japanese remedyfreepik

The Japanese usually have very effective ways of fighting back Aging. Taking care of food is a key point in his wisdom. Today we leave you ZEN Diet in Shojin Temples. this way We will purify the body and have more vitality. You will need to follow the ZEN diet Eat algae and plant proteins from soybeans, legumes, grains, and nuts Some meat, e.g Iberic ham.

I You need to drink a lot of waterSeconds Setsu-ku Yuki, Advisor to the Japanese Imperial Household, Japanese Government Gourmet and Coordinator of the Hattori School of Nutrition in Tokyo, which recommends this formula for purifying body, mind and spirit in the purest style of the Buddhist monks who have resided since the 6th century in the Shojin Ryori temples on the Island of the Rising Sun. Yuki explains that shojin food is the food of the Buddhist “soul” that grows and strengthens in the higher values ​​of peace and harmony.

The Imperial Advisor advises Do gentle stretching exercises three times a week to contribute to bowel cleansing. He emphasizes that the infallible is a means to achieve a clearer mind because “A second brain works in our stomach and regulates our brain EmotionsThe digestive tract contains a large part of our immune system. Buddhists have been clear for centuries: The secret of a perfect diet lies in the intestines.

Disease prevention

“The most important thing for the Japanese is Grow up with health “So that you can enjoy life until the moment of death comes.”The ZEN Diet demonstrates the benefits, the dietitian explains It predicts diseases and achieves the balance we seek to face the vicissitudes of lifea. He emphasizes that the main thing is to ensure comprehensive cleaning of the digestive system to get rid of toxins that contain most of the billions of bacteria that nest in the intestinal flora through feces and urine.

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Purification, according to Buddhist monks, is not only a process that benefits the body. also It purifies the mind Because when we have a clean body, our thinking becomes clearer and we are able to focus better on achieving our goals. Algae and plant proteins, with agar agar and konjac – A tuber from the Araceae family – It helps get rid of sand from the intestines To promote the production of fiber that maintains the balance of microorganisms in the intestine.

We take a little fibre, Yuki laments in exaltation of goodness Lentils, chickpeas and beans, which are foods loaded with protein. The precious fibers contained in these products satisfy our appetite at the same time It helps in controlling cholesterol and is also used for Wrinkle removal And prevent obesity. Japanese gourmets insist that detoxifying the body purifies the mind. “The same products that are good for the gut work to prevent dementia and depression.” This nutritionist ensures his insistence on merging millennial Japanese cuisine with healthy cuisine Mediterranean dietStar of SaboronIberian ham, which contains a high percentage of oleic acid and vitamin B1; Which is compared to the expensive and delicious Kobe beef. “Our cows and bulls are fed a daily beer mug, massaged with sake every day, brushed and fed grain feed.”

“You should eat small amounts of meat twice a week to strengthen the vein wall.”

Yuki advised

Algae, great allies of health

Stimulate metabolism

Seaweed provides minerals and vitamins, stimulates metabolism and helps purify the body. “A lot of seaweed is consumed in Japan, and it has been proven that with this product, you can live longer and in a healthier way,” Setsuko Yuki adds before listing the nutritional benefits of these foods that have been timidly introduced to Japan. Spanish chef recipes. “It is very purifying, it cleanses the blood, stimulates the functioning of the kidneys and liver, removes toxins and reduces the absorption of heavy metals.” In addition to being beneficial for hair, nails and skin, it works to slim down and dissolve fat concentrations.

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“At Eiheiji Zen Temple, ascetic monks have been making recipes for 800 years using kombu seaweed, which improves the lymphatic system and prevents high blood pressure, while thanking the earth for the products they harvest.”

says nutritionist Hattori

This type of algae is Rich in alginic acid; Which, like fiber, acts as a powerful bowel cleanserPromotes healthy intestinal flora Accumulation of toxins from the walls and removing them naturally. In short, a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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