Two paramedics are guilty of murdering a young African American man who was arrested in the USA

A jury has convicted two EMS paramedics accused of negligent homicide in the death of a young African-American man who was arrested in Aurora, Colorado, United States. The two health workers, white, administered the administration Ketamine overdose– A powerful sedative – for the 23-year-old black man, after… The police violently arrested him and searched him.

The police approached the young man who was leaving an establishment where he had bought some cans of iced tea, because, they claimed, they received a call warning of the presence of a suspicious person. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was complications from ketamine, a drug that paramedics had injected him with To control your state of emotion, They also testified in court.

Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichonick before the jury found them guilty (Reuters/Kevin Mohatt)

This is the third trial related to the young man's death Elijah McClainHaha The three police officers involved in the arrest have already been tried. An agent has been announced Guilty of criminal homicide Due to negligence and He was kicked out of the police department.

Violent arrest and overdose

The events occurred at the end of August 2019, when three white police officers violently paralyzed the young man to arrest him, and even strangled him, as forensic analyzes showed.

The footage shows officers grabbing the young man by his arms, placing him against a wall and then immobilizing him using a restraint technique known as “Carotid artery stenosis”which blocks blood flow to the brain and can cause temporary loss of consciousness.

Two EMS paramedics, also white, arrived a short time later, when McCain was handcuffed to the ground and given a sedative to calm him down.

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The prosecutor accuses them of not following protocols regarding the administration of sedatives: they did not properly check or monitor his vital signs once the drug was injected. The medication left him in a coma until he died, three days later in hospital, when he was taken off life support.

The defense said police did not tell them they had strangled McCain earlier. The jury did not accept these arguments and found paramedics Peter Cichonek and Jeremy Cooper guilty.

Cichuniec, who also announced Guilty of assaultwere remanded in custody, while Cooper will be released on bail, until the judge dictates the sentence they will have to serve.

The case, which sparked anti-racism protests in Colorado, was also the reason for Aurora police reform.

Elijah McCain was 23 years old when police arrested him in Aurora in 2019 (Reuters)

Convict and fire the police

Officers Randy Ruedema, Nathan Woodyard, and Jason Rosenblatt, who participated in McCain's arrest, were tried in that case, but Only Ruedema was convicted Charged with murder, while the other two officers were acquitted.

2020 Two Aurora police officers have been fired To send Rosenblatt a photo parodying the strangulation at the scene of McClain's arrest.

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