Gazprom shuts off the taps but the gas drops to 240 euros – World

Gazprom shuts off the taps but the gas drops to 240 euros – World

Gas price closed lower, despite Nord Stream shutdown for maintenance and pending EU decision on separation and price cap. In addition, in Europe, operators in the sector expect stocks to be filled ahead of schedule. In Amsterdam, the price is approaching €240 (€239.9) per megawatt-hour, with a drop of 9.6%, having reached a daily low of €232 (-12%). Prices in London also fell at 458 pence at Mmbtu (-12.5%).

The United States will look for ways to “increase gas reserves in Europe or help European countries develop other sources of energy,” A spokesperson for the US National Security Council said, John Kirby He accused Russia of another attempt to “weaponize energy” with Russia shutting down Nord Stream 1.

Russia again cut off gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream pipelineThis was announced by Entsog, the European Network of Gas Transmission System Operators. Russian gas giant Gazprom He had earlier announced a three-day layoff, linked to works at a pressure plant in northern Germany, through which gas is exported to other European countries.

Today, Gazprom announced the delivery of gas quantities of approximately 20 million cubic meters, compared to daily shipments of about 27 million cubic meters made in recent days, “said Eni after the Nord Stream gas pipeline shutdown. “Eni – the note reads – reserves the right In informing any updates in the event of other significant changes in the delivery quantities sent by Gazprom.”

Europe is working on an energy emergency for the price of gas while Gazprom confirms that the Nord Stream gas pipeline will be down for maintenance from August 31 to September 3. TASS reports. “Energy prices are breaking record after record. The consequences for homes and businesses are not sustainable. We need to urgently address this problem together.” +, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted in the ‘Scope of his Baltic speech’ The Copenhagen Energy Security Summit announced that an average of 80% of EU storage capacity has been reached, the amount we agreed on for this year.

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A spokesman for the European Commission said that the “emergency” measures announced by the European Commission to address the price crisis in the energy market will see light “in the next few weeks”. He pointed out that “we do not rule out that the proposal will be before the extraordinary council,” stressing that “the member states have strong competencies in this regard, and therefore all situations must be tested.” As for the structural reforms of the electricity market, we will start “early next year”.

As Europe speeds up and stabilizes the Council of Energy Ministers on September 9, the price of gas begins to fall and the Italian government is cautiously optimistic about the proposed EU price cap after the opening by Germany.

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