Syrian technicians in Moscow, preparing for the massacre

Syrian technicians in Moscow, preparing for the massacre

L ‘Ukraine Like Syria. put it in Deployed experts in barrel bombs that cause destruction and suffering. This revelation came from the British newspaper The Guardian, which reported yesterday: Fifty Syrian technicians specialized in the manufacture of this type of lethal bombs, to Russia. Their mission is to organize a campaign similar to that seen in the Middle Eastern country also in Ukraine. According to intelligence sources quoted by the British newspaper, these specialists arrived in Russia weeks ago to train Putin’s army. For this reason, for some time there has been a warning about the possible use of chemical weapons by the Russian army. How do barrel bombs work? They are cylinders filled with explosives and metal shrapnel, but in some cases they also contain chlorine, and in Syria they were thrown from planes, causing hundreds of casualties.

Ukraine’s war attacks with electric bikes: “capable of blowing up Russian tanks”


It is certainly not the first time that Moscow, because of this fierce aggression against Ukraine, has relied on lethal weapons: it has already launched two hypersonic missiles, and only yesterday signals were sent with cluster bombs on Kherson, killing three people. And the other day, a missile attack on Lozova in the Kharkiv region destroyed a thousand apartments and eleven school facilities.
However, the use of barrel bombs will be confirmed, and will represent further barbarism of the military action of the Russians, which does not spare civilians, as evidenced by the massacres in Bucha or in the Mariupol theater. According to analysts cited by the Guardian, “barrel bombs – raw explosives packed into barrels and dropped from a helicopter – have been used, with devastating effects, during the Syrian war.” The Assad regime has also been regularly accused of filling containers with chlorine and dropping them on opposition-held towns and cities, causing hundreds of deaths and causing widespread concern.

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Without defensive anti-aircraft weapons, the anti-Assad opposition had few tools to counter the Syrian army’s supremacy. Here, however, a difference appears regarding the initial situation of Ukraine which could work in favor of Kyiv and render the use of this type of weapon ineffective. The Ukrainian forces have already shown that they know how to accurately use their surface-to-air missiles and thanks to them have shot down Russian fighters and helicopters on several occasions. According to an anonymous European official, quoted by The Guardian, “This is probably the reason we haven’t seen these specialists cross the border yet.” It is known that the ability to exploit barrel bombs exists, but the Russians also know that it is not clear that they will be able to use them without incurring heavy losses. The figures were given by the Ukrainians and should therefore be read with caution, but so far not only 29 thousand soldiers of Putin’s army were killed in this war, but also 204 fighters and 171 Russian helicopters were shot down, as well as 470 drones. and 13 ships. In short: Dropping those bombs in Syria where anti-government forces have no defensive weapons is, ironically and ruthlessly, quite another to do so in Ukraine where Kyiv’s army is proving to be well armed and well trained.


However, the Guardian also analyzes the number of mercenaries who have arrived from Syria so far to fight for Putin’s wages: “Sources believe that between 800 and 1,000 Syrians have presented themselves as volunteers. The Kremlin promised them salaries of between 1,500 and 4,000 dollars a month, up to twenty times the amount they would receive in their country where the collapse of the economy led to a significant depreciation of the local currency.” Recruitment centers were set up in Damascus, Latakia, Hama and Homs, and “recruits are deployed Under contract with the Wagner Group a Russian private military organization that played a leading role in hiring mercenaries in support of Russian missions abroad.” The Wagner Group was also deployed in Ukraine, presumably with at least 500 men, and may also have played a role in the atrocities at Bucha. Syrians, but also Libyans, were killed, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, in the Battle of Pobosna.

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