Ubisoft suffered a massive data theft: 900GB was stolen from the company

Ubisoft suffered a massive data theft: 900GB was stolen from the company

On December 20, someone still unidentified gained access to the servers UbisoftSteal approx 900 GB of data. The hacker reportedly had free access to the company's servers for about 48 hours, before management realized what was happening and revoked his access.

900GB of data may have been stolen from Ubisoft

Ubisoft itself said it was aware of the incident and stated that further investigations were underway Investigations To discover the dynamics of what happened. However, he currently has no precise information to share.

The investigation began after images of the company's internal software and development tools appeared online.

According to the anonymous person who carried out the theft, the data he had access to was Ubisoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and MongoDB Atlas server data. According to what was leaked, his intention was to steal Rainbow Six: Siege user data, but he did not have time before it was discovered.

From 2020 to today that is Third data theft Ubisoft has suffered from them: the first occurred in 2020, from which part of the source code for Watch Dogs emerged, and the second in 2022, with thefts related to games, systems and services.

We will see in the future if this is a serious case like that of Insomniac Games, which has recently taken control of the entire gaming industry.

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