Two episodes of rain will water all of Catalonia

Two episodes of rain will water all of Catalonia

After a fairly stable start to the week, despite some morning low clouds and afternoon clouds at the top of the Serralada coast, Countdown To live another final period of the week unstable With one The atmosphere has been completely removed And the rampage, which will take us Two spells of rain.

What do the latest model updates say?

As we previously explained to you, the maps have been on hold for days New disturbances arrive In our house it will be facing the Night and morning from Thursday to Friday When will the first episode to rain.

In this way, as the hours progress, one Deep Atlantic storm associated with A cold air mass at altitude You will move and travel until you are located between Galicia, Portugal and the Bay of Biscay. But it has not been indexed yet It is very likely that she will eventually be called Monicabetween noon today and tomorrow by Aemet, if classified as a high-impact storm.

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In this case it would be a The last hours of tomorrow, Thursday When we expect that the south and southwest winds will bring winds First sprays Around midnight in the Ponente region, parts of the Pyrenees and Pyrenees in Lleida, and in Terres de l'Ebre and Camp de Tarragona. Precipitation They will advance and sweep the entire country Until mid-morning, which will gradually decrease.

These first Spray it Locally accompanied Storm Which will mark the beginning of the change of time will be eagerly downloaded to Baix Ebre, Montsià, Ribera d'Ebre, South Segrià, Baix, Alt Camp, Priorat, Conca de Barberà, and Tarragona. It would be likely Some water or some potatoesWhich leaves over 20 liters per square meter in just 30 minutes. It will be necessary to be very careful and Don't stop cars The previous night in Regions Possibly Floodable.

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a Barcelona metropolitan areaThe rain will fall early on Friday and everything indicates that the most active part will avoid the city. Heavier rains in the Valais Plain and Baix Llobregat. Absolutely, the first episode We will leave quantities From rainfall A few prominent people in the cityFrom 2 to 10 liters per square meter.

We expect rain to move very quickly from the southwest to the northeast. but, In the early hours it will still rain Or it will rain In a large part of the central provinces of Catalonia, between Barcelona and Girona, north of the Lleida plain, as well as in many sectors of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees. This last sector of the northern tip of the country will preserve with some sections of the Costa Brava the Alt Empordà Unstable weather Until early afternoon. This will be a first-time change as well An opportunity to send water to the sources of riversEspecially from Flamesil, Nogueira Palaresa, Ribagorcana and Llobregat.

This was all scheduled to arrive when we lived there a week ago'Episode of snowfall at medium altitudeswhich left a fair number of places Easy for you And based on Moyanese son Crushed. Snow also fell on Montserrat, the Prades Mountains and Macis del Port, as well as much of the Pyrenees. Without diminishing the amount of rain that fell at the end of the first week of March, these rains left general heavy rains throughout the country, with the exception of the southern tip, which Although it is not abundantYes, some records locally reached 44 liters per square meter in Roses or 28 in Veladrau. In Barcelona, ​​the 20 mm became prominent Bon Pasteur18 Saint Andrew In addition to the 7 liters per square meter that fell on the Fabra Observatory.

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Immediately after this first episode, the weekend, especially Day, can be seen Saturdayit was changed again with Passing active storm. It is possible that the rains will be more abundant, more generous and more persistent and will continue to target reservoirs.

Special strike 8-M in Barcelona: rain will respect much of Women's Day

After the night from Thursday to Friday was marked Change time with rain In Barcelona, ​​everything suggests that we will wake up to the remains of precipitation. Section The most active of showers We expect it between a quarter and five morning Until eight or nine in the morning, coinciding with Entrance of the scoundrel in schools

Little by little, they will shyly open up Clearing. After eating, although much of the precipitation will dissipate, The atmosphere will continue to rule Everywhere together Let it rain Or some thunder Between the Barcelona metropolitan area. With all that, Ocean It will be early in the morning Cool or coldsimilar to the last few days with uns maximum With some changes or minimum.

In short, we expect one Feminist Mobilization Day It features periods of canopy, but there's no indication that Friday's rain can slow down any event related to the 8M Public Stop for Women's Day. In any case, it is A platform Still with one A certain degree of uncertainty Which must be followed as it progresses.

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