“Every day of war is a continuation of the massacre” – Flama Agency

“Every day of war is a continuation of the massacre” – Flama Agency

The pastor of the Latin parish in Gaza makes a new desperate appeal for a ceasefire

“People are dying because they are in urgent need of food, water and medicine, and every day the bombs cause new victims.” A new desperate call from Father Gabriele Romanelli, Dean of the Holy Family Church in Gaza, before the fall Even more dramatic is the situation experienced by the Palestinian population In the Gaza Strip after 156 days of war.

“The situation is really dangerous and the ceasefire has become increasingly urgent,” said the Argentine priest, who has been working since October. Blocked in Jerusalem and unable to return to his flock Due to the border closure imposed by the Israeli government.

With the Strip divided into two parts for months, in the northern region, where the Catholic parish is located, the lack of humanitarian aid has led to alarming levels of food insecurity and the death, according to the Palestinian authorities, of nearly About twenty minors died due to hunger. In this context, the siege of the border with Israel led to the food supplies that entered during the past days, which were not sufficient to feed all the residents of the region, came from the air, in coordinated operations between Jordan and the United States of America.

“The situation is dangerous, because after a few weeks of calm, the bombings started again,” the priest warned, before confirming that people live in the Zaytoun neighborhood, where the Catholic parish is located.In a state of constant distressRomanelli said: “There was talk about a truce, a ceasefire, and an exchange of hostages, but it seems that the words and calls will fall on deaf ears.” Ceasefire negotiations Which is taking place these days in Cairo between Egypt, Qatar, Hamas, the United States and Israel.

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He added: “Instead of stopping, it gives the impression that they want to continue the war, in a terrifying escalation, while people suffer from hunger.” In this sense, the priest noticed it It is “urgent” to stop the bombings in Rafahin the south of the Strip, while at the same time ensuring food and aid in the north, all the way to Gaza City itself.

Aware of the intensely polarized climate, Romanelli recognized this fact The necessary dialogue to stop the conflict in the Holy Land It's “more and more difficult.” He concluded, “For precisely this reason, the first thing that is required is a ceasefire, because every day of war is a continuation of the massacre.”

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