Live | Galician elections on February 18: all the information

Live |  Galician elections on February 18: all the information

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Ballot boxes from Galician elections The election of members of Parliament is now open. the sWith the president Alfonso Rueda From the top of the list, and Png Dr'Anna Bunton They are competing for the presidency of the Galician government, in an unprecedentedly close vote between the People's Party and the bloc that forms the government. Pnghe Basdig And if they come in summer s They can. It can also play a crucial role Democracy of OurenseIt is a right-wing regional party that does not guarantee the support of any of the blocs.

Electoral colleges They opened at 9.00 I will close at 20.00When the head of the polling station announces the end of the voting process. However, if someone is still at the polling station at 8 p.m., the presiding officer will allow them to vote. In the case of the Galician Parliament elections, external voting is of particular importance, as it represents about 20% of the population and which can decide the majority within a few days.

There will be two Share progress: 12.00 and 17.00. Once the polls close, the polls will be announced and the audit will begin, which you can follow live on VilaWeb.

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