Sanchez's decision marks the first Saturday of the parliamentary election campaign

The Catalan election campaign begins the first weekend with various events throughout the territory and is marked by the decision that Pedro Sanchez will take on Monday.

he sun He campaigned in Tarragona, in a march that became a new demonstration in support of Pedro Sánchez. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero was the main protagonist of the socialist event, where the candidate Salvador Illa was a member of the Federal Committee in Madrid. The former head of the Spanish government has made a claim in favor of an educated and constructive policy against the hostile policy used, he says, by the Popular Party.

Left-handed He campaigned in Baix Llobregat, where he emphasized the milestones achieved during the term: they talked about reversing the cuts, the arrival of Chery after the closure of Nissan and the transfer of Rodales. Aragones made special accusations against Salvador Illa and the Peaceful Council, because he said that they would agree with the People's Party, as Jaume Colboni had already done in the Barcelona City Council. The Esquerra List leader also stressed the PSOE government's lack of budget implementation because he says it is destroying Catalonia.

Carles Puigdemont, accompanied by 700 people from Barcelona and Baix Llobregat, strongly attacked Salvador Illa, saying that he would be more of a delegate of the Spanish government in Catalonia than a president. Head of the list together He also said that the head of the General Government should go to Madrid to give instructions and not receive them and criticized the fact that Ila was now a member of the Federal Committee of the Socialist Workers Party and had left the Catalan campaign aside.

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the common They propose a fixed public transport price of €30 per month that allows unlimited travel throughout Catalonia. Jessica Albiach explained this at an event in the Pécs Llobregat region, where she defended that this measure would facilitate safe and cheap mobility for people to leave their own cars. The candidate pointed to the attacks on Pedro Sanchez to ask for a vote for the House of Commons.

Ada Colao joined the campaign in an act of feminism, sending her support for Sánchez, but accused socialists of being, too often, accomplices in lawfare.

From Terres de l'Ebre, cup Esquerra and Junts were accused of saying one thing in the regions and the opposite in Barcelona. Anti-capitalists also accused the PSC, from whom they said they expected nothing. Candidate Laia Estrada called on the major parties to be consistent, saying that it was the guarantee of not relying on the interests of state governments.

At the gates of the Salo del Tenel hall in Barcelona, ​​where the first trilogy concluded with Pascal Maragall at its head, Citizens He wanted to warn PSC voters that a new understanding between the socialists, the left and the general public was being forged after 12 months. Ciotadan candidate Carlos Carrizosa said that Catalonia's best defender of the values ​​of historical socialists like González or Guerra is his squad.

And the candidate sAlejandro Fernandez received the support of his party leader, Alberto Nunez Viejo, in a visit to an oil company in the Pex-Ebre region. Fernández proposed abolishing inheritance and heritage taxes and reducing all sections of the provincial personal income tax. Thus, with political stability that will mark the end of the process, he expects the nine thousand companies that he says have left Catalonia to return.

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Ignacio Garriga Fox He accused independence supporters and socialists of wanting to distract attention from the elections with their own problems, rather than addressing issues of concern to citizens.

Here is a summary of the events of the evening of the matches:

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