Turin, Vagnati: “Do you renew? If someone hesitates, we take note ”

Turin, Vagnati: “Do you renew? If someone hesitates, we take note ”

Words from the Technical Director of Grenade on the occasion of the event in La Rinascente to present the festive jersey in collaboration with Suzuki

Grenadier Technical Director Davide Vagnati spoke at the event organized by Torio in Rinascente to unveil the celebratory jersey of the partnership with Suzuki. At the end of the presentation, he answered questions from the journalists present at the Via Lagrange. His words below.

What Conditions Trigger Ilic’s Recovery Obligation?

We have an obligation to surrender that is determined by certain factors. It’s a very simple thing. We’d better keep the conditions to ourselves…”

What are the club’s expectations for the derby?

I expect the players to play a great game of mood and desire, and put everything into it, as they always have. The result will be determined by various factors, we will try to have him on our side with these qualities.”

What can Torino offer in the derby?

Torino proved this by playing important matches against important teams. We managed to beat the formations with something more than us. It is also fair to say that it must be emphasized. Other times we didn’t get the result even though we deserved it, but that’s football. At the end of the season, everyone will get what they deserve. It’s too early for budgets.”

Is there news to renew jurisprudence?

We’ve talked about that. Now there are some important matches. We have said more than once that we are ready and available. Now there are matches, we can’t just talk about this…”

Ritchie is recovering from a small calf problem, every day he is getting better and yesterday he trained anyway, but the workload has to be well distributed. From now until Tuesday we hope at least he will be called up for the derby. Samuel is an important player and it is always best to have him. Vieira had an MRI, and will be out for three to four weeks (Here are the details). He’s fine after that, he had a little sprained knee but that lasted two or three days. Elek needs to be managed, he had a major injury in the national team and also needs to be managed on a daily basis.”

What can you tell us about Philadelphia opening to the fans?

It’s nice that they want to come to Philadelphia. We opened because the push they can give us is really important. Getting them to come also means giving the players a sign, making them understand what it means to wear a Toro shirt in such an important match. Being close to the crowd is important.

Juric said he wanted a striker. Why didn’t you take it?

I honestly respect our youth. Sanabria is a player who always gives his soul, he had an important opportunity on Sunday and unfortunately it didn’t come true. When you have players who give their souls, it’s also disrespectful to talk about what could have been… The transfer market is over, we have Sanabria and Pellegri who are recovering and hopefully after Juventus they will come back. We have to trust anyone out there then we can always improve but now we are those.”

I think Juric said these sentences in a situation where the team didn’t do what he wanted. Meaning that in a top league when you’re not on the right track, you’re beatable by everyone. We can beat Milan and lose against Spezia. We must always be on our guard, and then technical players of a certain level that we have come to. If you don’t play the match you should be playing, you can also lose to Spezia or other teams”

Is seventh place the goal of Turin?

I think the biggest mistake we can make is setting ourselves long-term goals. In these two years we have changed 85% of the team. You have to build a new hard core, new leadership, a sense of belonging… This isn’t a cliché, it’s very important. Someone who stays with a company for four years faces the game differently than someone who has recently arrived or someone who knows they are leaving. It’s important to think right away, and look forward to the next match. We should not set limits and should always try to do the best. But the important things we can do must follow a logic, we can’t believe we are better than the teams in front of us who have a big budget and different goals. We have to think every game. With Milan we have shown that we can achieve a certain type of result, but we have also achieved results that punish us even beyond performance.”

In terms of recoveries, it’s still premature. We’ll talk about it towards the end of the sports season and we’ll see later. For contracts and extensions, we talk to whoever we think is the right thing to talk to, but we shouldn’t charge too much. We are Turin and everyone who wants to stay should be available. If someone legitimately has a hesitation, it’s okay, there are many players in the world … I’m not afraid of who’s about to end, we’re talking to whomever we’re interested in. If there is no extension, we will take note of it.”

He had a certain injury, it’s not an injury but I won’t go into detail. It’s a borderline situation, we’re evaluating it but it’s not easy. Nikola is a lion and a soldier, he will try his best but I don’t see it as simple.”

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