Newey-Red Bull, Marko theory: “He had a breakdown” – News

Newey-Red Bull, Marko theory: “He had a breakdown” – News

The pressure of success

In Formula 1 continuously since 1988, Adrian Newey He had a legendary career full of success with 12 Constructors’ Championships and 13 Drivers’ Championships for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull.
In recent years, Newey asked Red Bull to stop working at full capacity and allow his creativity to expand beyond Formula 1, allowing himself to foray into sailing and designing the RB17 supercar.

Newey’s commitment to Formula 1 Reduced to 50% of the totalSo much so that the team was already preparing for his succession, which increased the responsibility of the entire technical department, led by Pierre Wache. It is no coincidence that before Christmas, the French engineer entrusted his future to Red Bull, in exchange for a significant pay rise.

In recent days, Eddie Jordan told the F1 For Success podcast that he understood Some recent weariness in Adrian NeweyHis old friend:Since arriving at Red Bull He lived under constant pressureSo if he decides to take a break, everyone will understand.”

Marco talks about burnout

Interviewed before FP1 in Miami by Sky Germany, Helmut Marko He explained: “Newey’s departure was a surprise. But when motivation failed, it was a kind of exhaustion for him (Burnout, editor) – All you have to do is accept itThe 80-year-old Austrian made it clear that he doesn’t see Newey away from Formula 1 for long: “I fear that after a certain period of hiatus, the desire to race may return. Then he will be available to another team, not us. Given the incredible benefits he had at Red Bull, we found a mutually acceptable solution to terminate the contract. However, on a psychological level, this is a weakness for us.”

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