Teodor Lazio: Agreement. He's the new coach

Not a driver, the club has decided to immediately entrust the team to a coach who will also lead it next season

The post-Sarri period begins much earlier than expected. Lazio have landed Igor Tudor, the Croatian coach who – after coaching Marseille last season – is currently a free agent. The former Juventus player arrived in Rome late yesterday afternoon to meet President Lotito. The summit began in the evening and continued until approximately midnight. In addition to Lotito and Tudor, there were also sporting director Fabiani and agent coach Ciric. The two parties have reached a general agreement, based on a contract worth around €2 million between now and June 30, 2025, with an option (in favor of the club) for the following season. Now the agreement must be ratified, which is not only a formal step, because Lotito will calmly evaluate the summit that was held yesterday and then make the final decision. The signatures are supposed to arrive today, but will be delayed by a few days at most. In any case, the Tudor era at Lazio will not begin until Monday. Tomorrow in Frosinone there will be Giovanni Martosello on the bench, the former Sarri deputy who was assigned to the team after the captain resigned.

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The name Tudor, which had already been circulated in recent weeks in Formello as a future hypothesis, is firmly back in the news after Sarri's resignation. This was partly because – among free-agent coaches – he was one of the few who made certain guarantees (it was no coincidence that he was so close to being named to the Napoli substitutes' bench after Garcia's dismissal). Even more so because it represents a profile that Biancocelesti's managers really like. The first contacts were initiated by phone by sporting director Fabiani, who received the Croatian's desire to consider an adventure on the Lazio bench. Tudor had only one condition: that the contract extend beyond this season. A survey was also conducted (with encouraging results for both parties) regarding the salary to be received. At this point, Tudor practice passed into Lotito's hands. The president has always given his managers carte blanche when it comes to buying new players. But he wants to choose the coach himself. So the shepherd asked Theodore to come to Rome as soon as possible to meet. It was not necessary to tell the Croatian coach, who was in Split, where he lives, twice. By private plane, he arrived in the capital late yesterday evening. The meeting with Lotito served primarily to get to know and understand each other. The president explained the project he had in mind to restart Lazio, and Tudor explained to him his way of envisioning football and the methodologies with which he intends to manage the group. Then we moved on to talk about the contract. Lotito explained to Tudor that the club could offer him a deal until June 2025, and therefore for the latter part of this season and the next, with a salary that should not exceed 2 million per year. There was complete agreement between the two parties on the duration and numbers of the agreement. Hence, the white smoke scenario, which will now have to be converted into a full contract with signatures in black and white.

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“You will be betrayed”

“Sari Khan” Before meeting Tudor, the president also gave an interview to Tg1 in which he commented for the first time on the company's latest events. «Sarri's farewell was not in the air – Lotito said -. It was unexpected, a bolt out of the blue. I was in the Finance Committee and they asked me, “But was Sarri sacked?” I told him no. He's been a little betrayed by some people's behavior, something is creeping within the group. What if I'm talking about the team? I'm not pointing to anything. A team defeats Bayern and then loses to Udinese… Ask yourself a question and give yourself an answer. Now we continue until the weekend with Martocello.” Then the owner also spoke about the next technical guide. “We are not here in Rischiatutto to name the whole thing, this team needs a coach who uses at the same time the so-called language of carrots and sticks. Today the team is its own arbiter, “He has no excuse and no way to pass his responsibilities on to anyone.” There is a consideration of the need to use carrots and sticks towards the team, which actually leads directly to Theodore's identity

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