LA JUVE is looking for other targets

LA JUVE is looking for other targets

Juventus is training intensively these days under orders from Massimiliano Allegri. The Juventus coach has many concepts and ideas in mind and above all there is definitely the improvement of the offensive phase.

This year we will definitely see a different team in which we will be looking more for midfielder inputs and outside goals, trying to harness more of Dusan Vlahovic’s strength and trying to relaunch Moise Kean.

The first test in the family with Pinerolo basically showed this, and that means a lot of movement and many different scorers, from the first goal by Angel Di Maria, to Zacharias, his pass to three goals by Kean, two by Soulè and one by Adrien Rabiot.

Certainly Massimiliano Allegri can count on a team that is currently rich but not all have the ability to make a continuous and continuous contribution in the goal area, which is why in Torino they are working to improve both in the market and in a specific way. Technical and tactical training .. The team that will start the season in mid-August.

Certainly this year we will see something different than in the past, perhaps a more advanced center of gravity, even if the password has always been what characterizes Massimiliano Allegri’s game, which is balance.

Juventus must definitely find a balance between the two, which is a key element to trying to fight for goals, that is, for the Scudetto.

Having more solutions will be essential to give Allegri these players working on the restart project.

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