Virtus Segafredo Bologna – as Monaco 66-83 (18-18, 34-40; 45-63)

Welcome to the Euroleague. Virtus is back in the major European competition after 15 years, and Monaco immediately hinted that it would only be a walk. Obradovic’s team put on the field a very high physical level, which Segafredo was able to equal only sometimes, and not with all the players. Monaco went into the race in the third quarter, winning 23-9, trailed by the usual Mike James (26) and the excellent Okubo (13), and never looked back. Segafredo struggled a lot in attack, scoring just 66 points and 19% of three. Monaco’s defensive strength was seen, and the Bianconeri suffered a lot. This is the Euroleague, and it’s no coincidence that the two most consistent players throughout the match are Lundberg and Mickey, two players who are already used to playing. It will take time and patience, hoping to get Teodosic and Shengelia back as soon as possible.

Chronology: We start after the fashion show of Yannick Sener, who was gifted by Massimo Zanetti the Juventus jersey, and the choreography of the curve. Now 5 points in his queue. Virtus plays better in the first quarter, dragging with long runs, but it doesn’t go above +4, also thanks to some too many fouls from the streak. And so – on the first leg – the score is even, 18-18.
After the break, Monaco attempted the first draw, led by James: 18-25. The Bianconeri also finished at -9, then went up again with physical impact from Gaethe and Uglie. 34-40 in the middle.
We set off again and Segafredo tried, but Monaco rejects any attempt at rapprochement, and tries to escape again, dragged by Okubo and James. And this time it really sinks, up to -18 (45-63) from the third quarter, and it never quite manages to equalize the opponent’s physicality.
In the last quarter, Virtus tried, and puts 6-0 to approach. Then he puts James in his own shot, essentially finishing here, despite stealing a good Pagoula and five straight points from Lundberg. Ends with John Brown on the shields, with a score of 66-83.

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(Pictured is Virtus Balkanastro, the first double-ball in the Euroleague for the Bianconeri.)

Virtus Segafredo Bologna – as Monaco 66-83 (18-18, 34-40; 45-63)
virtus: cordinier 0; Manion 0, Bellinelli 2; Pajula 2 Baku 8 Gaeta 9 Lundberg 14 Hackett 7 Mickey 11 Camara N. wims 2; Ojeleye 11. All
Munich: Okubo 13; Brown 6 Lloyd 0 Blossomgame 4; Macondo N. Diallo 15 Moorman 3; Motejunas 8; Ouattara NE; Strazel 0 Hall 8 James 26. All

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