News that will delight the fans

News that will delight the fans

– Upgrading the Nerazzurri club on the occasion of the 100% reopening of the stadiums.


Reopening stadiums to 100% capacity will allow season ticket fans to regain possession of their stadium seats, without limiting the meter distance.

Enhance this modeInterAs mentioned Football and financeoffer season ticket holders 2019/20 The possibility of subscribing to a new season ticket for the last three league matches at home.

View the Inter season ticket

Each season ticket holder will be able to confirm their spot at the Corners from 10:30 a.m. on March 29 until midnight on the 31st. €35.

From April 1, subscribers who have not confirmed their seats will be able to purchase in any available segment. These subscribers are added to the waiting list for the 2020/21 season.

Mini subscription prices:

the first episode:

  1. Central red armchair (255€)
  2. Red Armchair (215)
  3. Central Orange Coliseum (165, 155, 135)
  4. Orange Armchair (105)
  5. First Orange (85)
  6. first orange side (55)
  7. First Green (45)
  8. Prime Blue (45)

the second episode:

  1. second central red (60)
  2. second middle orange (55)
  3. on the truth (35)
  4. Second Blue (35)

family runway:

  1. for adults (60)
  2. Under 16 (40).

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