Transfer market, Donnarumma on the bench | New surprise track

Transfer market, Donnarumma on the bench |  New surprise track

The transfer market never sleeps, about Gianluigi Donnarumma. A new surprising path appears for the goalkeeper on the bench today

Gianluigi Donnarumma, which is the name in Italy We know very well, especially if we talk about it market transfer. The frantic push and pull, sometimes redundant to renew the contract with Milan, ended in a farewell as painful as it is inevitable. Like a love story that can’t go on.

Donnarumma © LaPresse

And so on Paris Saint-GermainOh France, betrayal (even in colours) and the god of money – what a stink! -. However, the new love story, the one between Donnarumma and PSG, did not take off. And it’s not the goalkeeper’s fault who defended the magical goal of the Azzurri A Euro 2020. A matter of hierarchy or perhaps simply a dressing room. The arrogant presence of Keylor Navas She has the upper hand, until this evening. The former Real Madrid is the owner of the match against Lens at the expense of the former Milan. But Donnarumma does not complain, as reported by “There is not the slightest struggle. I live it well. We are both friends and everything is going well between us. Me and Keylor are unitedLike every locker room. We are two very calm and respectful people. People sometimes speak indiscriminately, imagining complex situations. There’s nothing you can do about it, but that’s not the reality.”

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The transfer market, a new path for Donnarumma’s future

Goodbye Milan: From Cristiano Ronaldo.. with his former colleague Donnarumma
Donnarumma © LaPresse

However, the rumors about the transfer market did not subside. The new path that can heat up for Donnarumma’s future could see him marry Al Manchester United. The latest rumors from England, in fact, hold that the Red Devils are particularly interested in the goalkeeper. Indeed, in the summer, David de Gea can say goodbye and at that point the ex-Milan can become a regular carrier. Therefore, special consideration should be given to the track in the coming weeks which could refresh the future around Donnarumma. For now, between millions and new prospects, the goalkeeper must find a new peace. And that may well be too, at least from the words of the former Milan.

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