Tour de France 2023, Vingegaard is the winner of the sixteenth stage: standings

Tour de France 2023, Vingegaard is the winner of the sixteenth stage: standings

Tuesday, July 18th was the first stage of week three of the 2023 Tour de France, a 22.4km Passy-Combloux time trial with an uphill finish. Jonas Vinggaard won, beating rival Tadej Pogacar, who came to the finish line more than a minute and a half late. The Dane kept the yellow jersey, significantly extending the overall standings over the Slovenian while Adam Yates overtook Carlos Rodriguez for third, and Ciccone retained the polka-dot jersey.

The order of arrival for the sixteenth stage of the Tour de France 2023

  1. j. Fingerguard 32′ 36″
  2. T. Pogacar +01′ 38″
  3. W. Van Aert +02′ 51
  4. Bilbao Lopez +02 ′ 55
  5. S. Yates +02′ 58
  6. R.cavagna +03′ 06″
  7. A- Yeats +03′ 12″
  8. SM Jensen +03′ 21″
  9. M. Pedersen +03′ 31″
  10. Godot +03′ 31″

The general classification has been updated after today’s stage

  1. Jonas Vingegaard Rasmussen (JUMBO-VISMA): 63h 06′ 53″
  2. Tadej Pogacar (United Arab Emirates Team Emirates): + 00h 01′ 48″
  3. Adam Yates (UAE UAE Team): +00h 08′ 52″
  4. Carlos Rodriguez (INEOS GRENADIERS): + 00h 08′ 57
  5. Guy Hindley (Bora-Hansrohe) +00 hr 11′ 15″
  6. Sep Kos (JUMBO-VISMA): +00h 12′ 56
  7. Peugeot Bilbao Lopez (Bahrain Nasr): +00h 13′ 06″
  8. Simon Yates (TEAM JAYCO ALULA): +00 h13 46″
  9. David Gaudu (GROUPAMA – FDJ): +00h 17′ 38″
  10. Felix Gall (AG2R): +00 hr 18′ 19″

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Vingegaard dominates the time trial: he finished just over a minute and a half short on Pogacar

Jonas Vinggaard wins the 16th stage of the 2023 Tour de France: The Dane dominated the time period from Passy to Combloux by boosting his yellow jersey with a powerful blow to Tadej Pogacar who finished second with a delay of more than a minute and a half. .

Pogacar at the finish line over a minute ahead of Van Aert

Tadej Pogacar closes his time trial by over a minute in the best partial time set to date by Wout Van Aert.

Vingegaard doubles his lead over Pogacar with 6 kilometres

With 6km remaining in the time trial, Jonas Vinggaard extended his lead over rival Tadej Pogacar to 31 seconds, effectively doubling the first set in the first split.

Pogacar and Vingegaard left: the fight for the yellow jersey has begun

The two great Tour de France champions, Tadezh Pogacar and Jonas Vinggaard, started their time trial within two minutes of each other. So begins the challenge against time which, in addition to the stage victory, also puts the yellow jersey in hand given that the two are only 10 seconds apart in the general classification.

Van Aert takes the lead in the provisional stage standings: Cavagna beat him

Wout Van Aert confirms himself as a hard time trial specialist and in the second part of the track redeems all the flaws from Remy Cavagna reaching the finish line 15 seconds ahead of the Frenchman. Awaiting the arrival of the best in the general classification, the Belgian takes the lead in the provisional standings for this sixteenth stage of the 2023 Tour de France.

Left van Aert: He is one of the favorites to win the stage

The time trial has begun for the Belgian Wout van Aert who, due to the characteristics of the road, is considered one of the favorites to win this sixteenth stage of the 2023 Tour de France.

The congress can’t do it: Cavagna remains in command

There is no way for specialist Stefan Kong. The Swiss finished his time trial with a 36 34 which puts him fourth in the stage provisional classification, which is still led by host Rémy Cavagna.

Lafay is just a few feet from the finish line: bad ride, without consequences

Bad crash for Lafay just a few yards from the finish line. On a straight stretch, the French cyclist lost control of his bike due to a mechanical problem, as it flew onto the asphalt. Luckily having only a few bruises, he managed to finish the rehearsal by goading the crowd into cheering him on.

What time does Pogacar and Vingegaard leave

The favorites for the final victory in the Tour de France will start last: the Slovenian will start his race at 16.58, and the Dane will follow two minutes later.

Three Riders Crashed at the Same Corner: Fear in the Tour de France

Stage 16 of the Tour de France opened with an intriguing triple crash. There are three cyclists taking part in the current time trial, who fell on the same curve, the first after the starting ramp. On Degenkolb, Alexis Renard and Nils Eckhoff slipped out, taking great risks.

Tour de France ranking: This is the top ten

  1. Jonas Vingaard Rasmussen (Jumbo-Visma): 62:34:17
  2. Tadej Pogacar (United Arab Emirates Team Emirates): +00:00:10
  3. Carlos Rodriguez (Enos Grenadiers): +00:05:21
  4. Adam Yates (UAE Team Emirates): +00:05:40
  5. Jay Hindley (Bora – Hansgrohe) +00:06:38
  6. Sep Koss (Jumbo-VISMA): +00:09:16
  7. Bio Bilbao Lopez (Bahrain Nasr): +00: 10: 11
  8. Simon Yates (Team Jaico Alola): +00:10:48
  9. David Godot (GROUPAMA – FDJ): +00:14:07
  10. Martin clouds (Covids): +00:14:18
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The Four Grande Buckle Bearers

yellow shirt – Jonas Vingaard Rasmussen: 62:34:17
Green Jersey Jasper Phillipsen, 323 pt
dotted sweater Julio would be 58 pt
White shirt — Tadej Pogacar: 62:34:27

The time trial begins: The first rider is Michael Murkoff

We’re leaving. The first to start is the last in the standings, the Danish Sodal Quickstep rider Michael Morkoff.

Who are the favorites to win today’s stage?

Vingegaard, Pogacar, Pogacar, and Vingegaard. There is no room for anyone anymore, with the Slovenian absolute specialist and slightly ahead of the Dutchman. However, he does enjoy a few seconds that can get lively.

Vingegaard and Pogcar’s words on the eve of the temporal trial

Today’s stage could be decisive for Jonas Vingaard, especially if he manages to maintain or even achieve the ranking. “I think it will be a very important day because we are only 10 seconds apartsaid the yellow shirt. “Then the time trial can truly become a decisive test. Of course I will do my best, but it will not be the only day crowded towards the final victory.”

Less diplomatic Pogacar that points directly to success: “I don’t know which of us has a psychological advantage. I can tell myself that I enjoy every moment of this match and I have a lot of respect for everything that happens.” Slovenian who has fixed nail confirmed. “I want to try to win the time trial.”

Real speed downhill bike riders in the Tour de France

Huge uphill, but also downhill. An unusual sight was seen in the Tour de France, where cyclists were seen pedaling at speeds exceeding 100 kilometers per hour. Unusual pictures.

Vingegaard is always in yellow, and Pogacar is at 10 inches

There is no distance between the two best teams in the overall standings: Vingegaard is always first, at least 10 seconds ahead of Pogacar. After 15 practically equal stages at the start of this trial time period. The debate regarding third place is also open, a challenge that will see new upsets with the arrival of Combloux

Giulio Ciccone in a polka dot shirt, leader of the climbers

There’s also room for a little Italy in the Tour de France, thanks to Giulio Ciccone who finished week two of the race wearing the leader’s climbers’ jersey. Tied on points with Powless but with more GPM Class 1 wins.

Where to watch the Tour de France on TV and live: Live stream on Rai

Free live TV broadcasts on Rai Sport HD and Rai2, while season ticket holders can watch Eurosport 1. Alternatively, live broadcasts will be assigned to RaiPlay in free mode, while it will be possible to follow the race for a fee., Discovery +, NowTV, DAZN or with the SkyGo app.

The sixteenth Passy-Combloux stage of the race: route and altitude

It wouldn’t be a time trial even if the arrival was with the last 3km up a full climb. Passy-Combloux is 22 kilometers long and isn’t any particularly rough. It will be necessary to understand how Vingegaard and Pogacar arrive after the day off.

It begins again with a victory for Wales against Mont Blanc

Yesterday’s rest day, the last day to recharge the batteries and the final stage of the second week in the hands of Wout Poels who preceded Van Aert to the finish line. The man from Bahrain won the stage all the way to Mont Blanc to give a decisive push in the final where Pogacar also tried to disentangle Vingegaard, without success.

What time does the Tour de France start today: Departure time

The Tour de France starts again today at 1.05pm with the first rider at the start of the 22km time trial. Last in the standings would be the first to start, gradually ascending to the best with Vingegaard last. The current yellow jersey is expected to arrive around 5.35pm

Today’s stage of Tour de France 2023: Passy-Combloux route and where to watch it on TV and live

Passy-Combloux is the sixteenth stage of the Tour de France that opens its third and final week. A classic 22km time trial with a continuously ascending finish. A route with three intermediate times: to watch the match between Vingegaard and Pogacar on Rai2 on TV and on RaiPlay on broadcast.

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