March 22, 2023

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Sky-Bremer, finally with Torino today? Inter want to close regardless of Skriniar

Gleason Bremer is fast approaching Inter… Regardless of Milan Skriniar’s future: Here’s the market scenario

Gleeson Bremer Fast approaching the Internet. Regardless of Milan Skriniar’s future, the Nerazzurri want to close to the Brazilian defender, chosen to strengthen Inzaghi’s side. Here’s the news from Sky Sports In my market situation.

Inter are doing everything they can to ensure that Bremer can be part of the team quickly. Today Torino will play in a friendly match against Eintracht and Bremer will be announced on the field, and it may be his last in the grenades shirt. Inter have an agreement with Bremer and now they want to rush to find one with Turin. I rounded up the last contacts between the two parties: 35 million is probably the right number. Inter, then we will see the transfer formula, we could also think about reaching the player before Skriniar’s possible departure because in all this PSG remained on alert. At the moment there is still distance left for Bremer and Inter also want to rush to anticipate possible listings, for example from Juventus. Let’s expect developments between the weekend and the early days of next week‘, words by Alessandro Sogoni.

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