Famous journalist Giampiero Galeazzi has passed away

Died at the age of 75 Giampiero Galizzi. The famous sports journalist and broadcaster has been battling a severe form of diabetes for years. Her last appearance on television dates back to three years ago, to the movie “Domenica In” by her friend Mara Vinier, in a long interview silence and looks more than words, which ended with the presenter’s tears and a long hug.

From the Italian title in blasphemy in the Rai

Born in Rome on May 18, 1946, after graduating in economics, Galeazzi became a professional rower as he won the Italian title in 1967, a success that also earned him a bronze medal in Sports Courage, and in the double with Giuliano Spingardi one year later. Also in 1968 he participated in the selections for the Mexico City Olympics. Then the selection of the press, the recruitment of rai in the early 1970s, and the first Olympics (Munich 1972) where he made his debut with the first commentary on his beloved rowing. In the 1980s Sports Sundays, Sports Wednesdays and the arrival of the 90’s The historic broadcast in which Galeazzi’s innate spontaneity and kindness blend perfectly with old-fashioned football, where journalists can enter the stadium immediately after the matches: unforgettable flying interviews with the heroes of Ma in That time it was the most beautiful championship in the world, from Maradona to Platini, and from Bruno Conte to Liedholm, the new Italian champion. The interlocutors, who were literally embraced and dominated by the journalist, could not fail to reveal their feelings at once. Then the historic Olympic Games. He is remembered in the commentaries of sporting events such as the legendary gold medal of brothers Giuseppe and Carmen Abagnale at the 1988 Seoul Games and the Antonio Rossi and Benjamin Bonomi medal in Sydney 2000.

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Giampiero Galeazzi died when he gave the microphone to Maradona in the Naples locker room

TV star

Between the 1990s and 2000s, “character” Galeazzi became a well-rounded TV star, showing off adorable and entertaining self-sarcasm about his proverbial scale: a ballet on Domenica In with his girlfriend Mara Venier, songs, graphics, and the dubbing of a Space Jam movie. He invoked the affectionate tradition of Nicola Savino, who became a cult with Galeazzi, to comment on the most absurd of controls, always rigorously with escalating tone and emphasizing until the last explosion of “let’s go win.” A unique model of the sports reporter leaving, able to turn competitions into epic moments, the only one who is able to beat him, also thanks to strong technical expertise (not forgetting the impeccable comments of tennis, often in pairs with his friend Adriano Banata), the same athletes who praised their exploits.


“The death of Giampiero Galeazzi is shocking news, it leaves me speechless,” he says. Giuseppe Abagnale, President of Federcanottaggio. “We were with his daughter a few days ago and we talked about him, it made me so happy he’s recovering, but instead this news arrives. The historic voice has gone kayaking, and so is a friend and a groomer and a charismatic character.” Adriano Banatta: “I remember him making the commentary when I was still playing. When we started doing them together, they were probably less technical and planning than they are today, definitely more human, as it were. I’m so sorry, I just knew it wasn’t good. I have good friends Very much with Giampiero. I have only good memories with him, very happy, and funny. He was a crazy professional, he came to do the commentary very well, and he knew everything. Every now and then I would play jokes on him, venturing into a technical discussion, and then no I do it with his head on purpose, and he, very well, immediately changed his version. Then I told him I was joking, that thing was very funny.”

Many messages of condolence from the world of sports, from football clubs to institutions. “Hello Giampiro! Thank you for living the sport first as an athlete and then as a journalist. Your voice full of enthusiasm and passion is linked to memories of many blue feelings. I am sure the Olympic Stadium tonight will also remind you of what you deserve.” Posted on Twitter by the Undersecretary for Sports Valentina Vesali. He says “Part of my life is disappearing, brother” Mara Venere. The Lazio, the team he was a fan of, remembers him with a statement by President Lotito: “A figure closely associated with Italian sport: first as a victorious athlete, then as a passionate commentator, sharp and competent journalist. Giampiero Lazio’s faith was known to all, but she never went out of line.In a recent interview with Ray, tired but never succumbing to illness, said a simple and unusual sentence: “Under the same sky, under the same flag. Forza Lazio. “Another star shines in that sky.”

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