Lukaku, Inter: Blitz will be after the summit with Ledure. This is the offer that will convince Chelsea

Lukaku, Inter: Blitz will be after the summit with Ledure.  This is the offer that will convince Chelsea

The Nerazzurri wants to resume work with the Belgian striker, and in these hours they met the agent who is the mediator in the negotiations with the Blues.

summit from Inter with lead sebastian, agent LukakuAnd mediator in the negotiation colonel Chelsea He talks about the return of the player in Inter. During the meeting with the lawyer, the Nerazzurri communicated their intention to buy back the Belgian striker, at the request of the London club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport spoke about it, confirming that the acceleration came as soon as Pochettino’s words arrived, who spoke of the player’s return to London. Al-Wardiya explains that there would be no going back to London, the player would have gone no way even at the cost of running into a fine. He will not return to the English capital because the Nerazzurri will have begun negotiations over his stay in Milan by that day.

The sports newspaper explains that Inter is considering buying Lukaku outright for two reasons: The first, he explained: Chelsea not only terminated the loan – a story known for days – but also the loan with a conditional refund, for example in qualifying for the Champions League, one of the hypotheses that had been put on the table at the beginning. The Blues could only have accepted a loan. “With an obligation to buy. But financially – and here’s the second reason – little or nothing changes for Inter between this last formula and the final deal. Rush with the last formula, which is favored by the Blues.”

numbers and timing

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the Chelsea No offers received Romelu More than 50 million: This was Al-Hilal’s offer to him, the player returned it to the sender. Nerazzurri managers will not offer more than 30m but bonuses, linked to team goals, can be included to reach a figure of around 40m. Clearly there is still work to be done on the agreement but the Rosary states: “Since yesterday, Inter and Chelsea have agreed the deal for the first time“.

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