Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Video Interview with John Cleese

Video interview with John Cleese, the legendary member of Monty Python, one of Clifford’s heroes – the Big Red Dog, in which a magical man talks to animals.

Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Camp Darby during a scene from the movie

Magic surrounds us if we know where to look: It sounds like a phrase from Harry Potter and in fact says Mr. Bridwell, a gentleman in a polka-dotted tie played by John Cleese, who in the saga dedicated to the wizard Nick-alost-headless, the ghost of Gryffindor. Clifford – The Big Red Dog Instead, Mr. Birdwell has a private animal shelter. Among them is Clifford, the red Christmas dog: Darby (Emily Elizabeth Howard) takes him with him. But the next morning what was once a life-size puppy is now a gigantic beast.

Clifford the Great Red Dog 1

Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Camp Darby in a scene from the movie

In cinemas as of December 2, Clifford – The Big Red Dog is based on the congenial children’s book series by Norman Bridwell. Directed by Walt Baker, Former Director of Alvin and Chipmunks – Nobody Can Stop Us. Needless to say, the giant fiery red dog does not go unnoticed on the streets of New York, where the film is set.

Watching the dog and Darby, although perhaps the opposite is true, is the girl’s uncle, Casey (Jack Whitehall, seen on the Jungle Cruise and Good Omens series). Together they will live a wonderful adventure, always under the watchful and magical eye of Mr. Birdwell. And about magic, we talked to him John Cleese, a member of the legendary Monty Python: actor, comedian, and screenwriter who has actually been passionate about the paranormal for years.

Video interview with John Cleese

Clifford: The Big Red Dog, Review: The Big Red and the Puppy

Clifford: John Cleese and the Magic

In the opening scene a voice says: “Magic is all around us if we know where to look.” So I ask you: Where should we look to find magic?

Clifford the Great Red Dog 2

Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Jack Whitehall and Darby Camp in a scene from the movie

It’s a very interesting question because I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. Many supernatural things are magical. A friend of mine, who has studied the paranormal all his life, wrote a book called “Real Magic”, called Dean Radin. I highly recommend him because he is a scientist but he has studied many phenomena that mainstream science is trying to sweep under the rug. I think there are a lot of things that contemporary science can’t explain. These are things people call magic. I know it thanks to 30 years of friendship with him. I think life is so magical. For example: My wife found a psychic in Ireland unusual: she knows things you shouldn’t. Like a loan you gave to someone in particular. He told us about it, and he knew who it was done, and how much it was. Only 3 people know it. And she does it daily. So I think life is more interesting and magical than mainstream science thinks.

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Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Jack Whitehall’s moment in the movie

Maybe she’s an FBI agent, not a psychic!

There are many such explanations. Ask yourself: How did he do that? But in the end I came to the conclusion that something was strange: some people have these skills. The interesting thing is that we now think we’ve found the answer in DNA: the gene that is passed on from generation to generation and those who have it can do it and those who don’t can’t. It’s the opposite of what they’ve always told us: People who reach a deep stage of meditation have these powerful experiences. Today they find that people go through these unusual experiences when their brains are less active, not when they are most active. In other words: it is a normal state. But if they keep spinning around in our self-centered lives, our brains are too busy with these things to pick up on the most interesting part that’s out there.

Clifford: What makes John Cleese Monty Python laugh today?

Speaking of magical things: You’re the god of comedy, what’s making you laugh today?

Clifford the Great Red Dog 5

Clifford – The Big Red Dog: Still image from the movie

Republicans who support Trump. I’ve never met such a bunch of foolish bastards in my life. People are extraordinarily unscrupulous and at the same time extremely stupid. They make me laugh like no other. Not that I am particularly happy with the present British government: I think it is the most chaotic and corrupt I have ever lived in my country. make me sad. Hope we get rid of it soon.

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