Totti’s Divorce – Elari Blasey, Now Speaking Jerry Scotty: ‘I’ll Tell You a Secret About Their Story’

Totti’s Divorce – Elari Blasey, Now Speaking Jerry Scotty: ‘I’ll Tell You a Secret About Their Story’

Jerry Scotty and couple Totti Blasey wallpaper. Here’s what the host had to say about the former couple.

It looks like Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi are ready for the first meeting with the lawyers. Like many famous couples, in addition to managing their children, they must share the legacy of a wealthy millionaire. The only time they met was when there was an exchange of villa keys in Sabaudia where Elari was vacationing for the first time and then gave Francesco not only the keys but also the management of the boys. Elari, since the announcement of the separation via the ANSA statement, has done nothing but travel, perhaps to escape the constant rumors that leaked about his marriage. Instead, Francesco remained in Rome, apparently, in the company of his new partner Noemi Bocchi. Also on the coast of Lazio, the new couple seems to have seen each other several times. According to some of the couple’s friends, Francesco will not formalize the story until after the divorce papers are signed.

Jerry Scotty and the story about Francesco and Elari that no one knew

The many faces of the show who have expressed themselves about Francesco and Elari’s breakup. Even Jerry Scotty, the famous presenter Who wants to be a millionaire? He wanted to tell an episode that no one knew about the couple until today. Jerry gave a lengthy interview to Panorama where he talked about the period when Elari had a message “positive wordAnd he took his first steps into the world of entertainment while Francesco was amazed by her beauty and wanted to conquer her at all costs.

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Jerry said that Francesco also sneaked backstage.positive wordWhen he saw a boy sitting on a cube, the conductor asked him: “who are you?The Giallorossi replied only by his name but the voice is now known to all the fans of the world of football, then Jerry asked what he was doing and Totti replied that he was waiting for Ilary.

Jerry is very sorry for their breakup. He’s seen boys fall in love and wishes their dream could last forever, but he also knows what it means to have a divorce. Jerry has always been interested in Elari. Of all the different messages, she and Sylvia Tovanen have always been particularly attentive, never light-hearted and have learned a lot simply by observing. Their success according to Jerry is worth everything!

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