GF Vip 7, the former tronista does not give up and makes an appeal to Signorini: “I hope so”

GF Vip 7, the former tronista does not give up and makes an appeal to Signorini: “I hope so”

Julia Cavaglia dreams of a GF Vip 7 and does not hide it. Former Tronista fired after last year’s disqualification appeal to Alfonso Signorini

It’s shortly before the launch of the seventh edition of the GF Vip and the entrance to the most spying house in Italy tempts many local VIPs. Despite the clues Signorini has called his Instagram profile and some rash acts, everything remains top secret, and there is some oomph to the conductor.

Indeed, in the past few days, the former male and female protagonist has been a candidate to enter the most spying house in Italy. Let’s talk about Julia Cavaglia who, after last year’s disappointment with her one-step refusal to enter the house, launched a new appeal to Alfonso Signorini.

The beautiful Piedmontese after the end of the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi stayed away from the small screen, devoting herself to her activism as an influencer. But Big Brother Vip remains his biggest concern and in no uncertain terms, rivogle straight to Signorini.

Julia Cavaglia despite love will leave her boyfriend at home

GF Vip 7 is upon us and it’s time for the VIPs to play their last cards in hopes of persuading the producers to ditch the card to get to the most spying house in Italy. He knows her well Julia Cavaglia who stated in a recent interview that joining the GF right now is her career priority.

The former tronista is romantically associated with Federico Chimirri, with whom he lives permanently with the intention of creating a family. Despite the great love, Julia was going to enter the house alone as she said: “I would have done it on my own. More than anything else because it would be torture for him, I don’t want to take him to a place where he wouldn’t feel comfortable. I, on the other hand, would fit in that context.” I admit that in the past year I was very upset that I didn’t get in. I was almost in front of the red door, I faced the days of quarantine, I prepared myself for everything. Maybe someday I will succeed. I hope that”.

Giulia Cavaglia owes everything to Maria de Filippi

Julia Cavaglia owes her fame to both men and women. To this day, she still remembers that beautiful bow that changed her life. Cavaglia then spoke of his gratitude to Maria de Filippi for giving her the opportunity to live a wonderful experience.

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And that’s how Julia remembers her beginnings in the one whom I have to thank forever Maria de Filippi. It gave me the time to get to know people myself, to understand myself and get what I have today. One day he looked into my eyes and said: “I didn’t love you, I didn’t understand you. But only time made me realize that yours is just a shield. Even now, I can say that I understand you.”

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