It can attract the tax authorities’ control, it is a hassle

It can attract the tax authorities’ control, it is a hassle

When making a bank transfer, it is a good idea to assess the reason for entering. Some very common things are able to run the inspection machine immediately

Even 3 minutes after activation ends, the revenue agency can begin investigation work.

they make Telegraphic Transfers It is one of the most performed practices by checking account holders who can, now according to developments, do so directly from their smartphone. A seemingly simple operation, however, must be carefully thought out to avoid it tax checks.

In fact, if you enter a fairly common cause, you risk being immediately taken over byrevenue agencywho is always very vigilant about these situations.

Bank Transfer: The Reason You Should Never Use To Avoid Tax Checks

Thus, transferring money from one account to another requires a greater dose of self-denial, in order to get around potential future problems. Sometimes it may also happen that the sender does not have his own checking account and transfers directly at the bank or post office (at higher costs than the Internet). On the other hand, it is the most secure way to pay in the world.

thanks for the Transaction reference code (CRO) Not every beneficiary will have any doubt that this will happen Pay. In a short time, the money will surely reach its destination, unless there are errors at the assembly stage.

Regardless, one aspect to which it is necessary to pay the most attention is causal. This is what drives the issuer to implement Transaction. The concept applies to both natural and legal persons.

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But be careful, there are certain situations that immediately trigger the remote controlrevenue agency. when you are in causal The The wording of “donation” or “loan”The tax He can immediately request information and clarifications about the real reasons for the movement.

For this reason, it is advisable to include a file strong causationespecially if you have to pay large sums, which are famous for being the ones that immediately end up under the magnifying glass tax. Knowing these aspects can be essential to be able to implement them Telegraphic Transfers without any fear.

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