Monza and Bruce Springsteen’s concert kicks off at dusk to 70,000 fans

Monza and Bruce Springsteen’s concert kicks off at dusk to 70,000 fans

Monza, July 25, 2023 – Bad weather has already been forgotten, at least for a few hours, by the great musical event that saw Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street band arrive in Monza. At 19.30, set off to music and choirs with “The Boss”, “Born in the USA”, for the eagerly awaited third and final date in Italy, which will also be the last on the European Tour. Springsteen will be shown in the Prato della Gracia area within Monza Park: 50,000 square meters are for spectators, the rest will be all for the stage, service areas, giant screens and points dedicated to the sale of food and drinks and promotion, as can be seen in the aerial video taken this afternoon by the mayor and commissioner to make sure that everything was safe despite the past few days.

aerial reconnaissance

In light of the gates opening at 2pm for the Bruce Springsteen concert, Monza Police Commissioner Mirco Odoricio and Monza Mayor Paolo Pilotto performed Aerial reconnaissance on board a state police helicopter The second aviation section in Milan, from the top of the park and the city of Monza, to monitor the general situation and flow 70 thousand spectators who arrive in the capital of Brianza for the Boss show that concludes the European Tour 2023

Confirmation: the party will take place

Bruce Springsteen concert. Monza Mayor Paolo Bellotto confirmed the latest waste management plan update 70,000 fans of the leader arriving at Monza Park. “The three main ways to get to the concert area are clean and safe – he explains -. I’ve spoken at length with the commissioner and we’ve tried to strike a balance: On the one hand, there’s a city that has problems (150 interventions tonight, 100 underway) which deserve attention and no one should think that a potential concert is going to be ruined. On the other hand, let’s imagine removing 20,000 Lombards out of the 15,000 Lombard population. Where, I have 50,000 people from All over the world they have already come to Monza.”

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Monza, Bruce Springsteen’s first concert fan

Alert in yellow, then in green before the concert

“The trend – adds the mayor – is do not delay Because there are security conditions in relation to the stage and structures, and in relation to access that allow this. there Weather that tells us yellow alert for a few hours and it’s green from 6 p.m. It takes strength to choose in such difficult contexts, and yet choice takes energies of the mind. And if we finally say the concert will take place, it will not be because we are distracted by the needs of the citizens, but because we are trying to be careful about balancing everyone’s needs.”

Bruce Springsteen will play Gerasia Park at Monza Park

Bruce Springsteen will play Gerasia Park at Monza Park

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