What happened between Christian and his father Giovanni after the episode

What happened between Christian and his father Giovanni after the episode

John I turned to him You’ve got mail To try to restore the relationship with the child Christian discontinued for 19 years.

The man had an affair with his mother Christian After the baby was born, they tried to build a family, but to no avail.

There is mail for you: Episode 5 March

2021 version of You’ve got mail It moves slowly towards the conclusion. The March 5 episode is the penultimate episode of this season that has held record ratings for his broadcasts Maria de Filippi.

The format has been proven for quite some time and has become an unmissable staple for Italian viewers. Every Saturday, in fact, broadcasting can bring millions of families together in front of the television.

The stories told in revival touch the spirit of the spectators who line up on one side or the other. There are those who apologize for betrayal, those who ask forgiveness for abandoning a child, those who no longer have a relationship with a brother or sister or those who are trying to find their first love.

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All Heroes events You’ve got mail They have the ability to win the feelings of viewers. As always, there is no shortage of surprises VIP Which makes the dreams and desires of those who have taken refuge in the program come true Maria de Filippi.

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For the March 5 episode of Canale 5 Study Animation, Beloved Footballers and European Champions, let’s talk about Giorgio Chiellini And the Leonardo Bonucci. sympathy and generosity Antonino Canavaccolo They will be able to excite and entertain the audience.

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What happened between Christian and his father Giovanni

John I turned to him You’ve got mail to apologize to the son Christian. The man had no relationship with his mother and therefore lost any kind of relationship with his son.

Although, after the birth of the child, he tried to build a family but did not love his mother, and after a few months he left.

After rebuilding the whole story at the end Christian He wanted to open the envelope. In the next few hours, updates will definitely arrive on social networks about what happened after the episode, and we’ll give you an account as soon as they become available.

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