Kanye West self-destruct, also downloaded from Adidas – People

Kanye West self-destruct, also downloaded from Adidas – People

From fashion to Hollywood Rapper Kanye West On the ropes: following an example Gap and BalenciagaGerman Giant Adidas Sportswear cut ties with ex-husband Kim kardashian While it was talent agency Caa that distanced itself: “Hate speech is never good,” Kardashian said.
“He’s no longer their client,” a source from the agency said, citing the recent anti-Semitic sermon of the singer, designer and businessman who was until recently on top of the wave.
From Stars to Dust: He is considered one of the most influential hip-hop artists of our time – 24 Grammys and 160 million records sold – Kanye destroyed himself Within a few years while media attention was focused, and not on his creative talent, on controversial statements in politics (a friend of Donald Trump and far-right commentators like Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens) and mental problems: he suffers from bipolar disorder.

The divorce from the Kardashian clan (Kim and the extended family of which one was from the excellent K family) accelerated the downward trend. Adidas had put Kanye (who now calls himself yi) On trial in early October: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram did the same, prompting the rapper to buy Parler, the social ‘haven’ for extremists because it doesn’t stifle free speech. “Yi’s recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful and dangerous,” the statement reads from Adidas announces the end of a multi-billion dollar partnership: the Yeezy line, It was instantly archived, accounting for 8% of the group’s sales.
The limits of acceptable behavior have not been tested as of today, but the past month has seen an acceleration of provocations. In Paris for the presentation of his YZYSZN9 product line, Kanye wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “White Lives Matter” adopted by the Supremacy movement. On social media and in interviews after the show, he made anti-Semitic allegations threatening Jews with death. Social media ostracization has been launched.

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