Totti Blasi’s breakup, Flavia Ventou’s truth: The scary promise

Totti Blasi’s breakup, Flavia Ventou’s truth: The scary promise

Totti Blasi’s Breakup, Flavia Vento’s Truth: The Promise That Scares Everyone. There is a new chapter in the story

For years, everyone has taken the credit that this was a pure invention Fabrizio Corona To embarrass F.rancesco totti On the eve of the wedding. Today, however, the alleged relationship with Flavia Ventou They can all take another value.

Totti Blasi break up, the truth about Flavia Vento (Ansa)

That’s exactly why in the episode that will open a week stripping news In Canale 5, Valerio Staffelli will deliver a file golden tapir to the same wind. In 2005, just before the wedding, Corona launched a gossip that could question everything. How are things today after some time?

Staveley attempted to investigate the land beginning with the alleged sentencing of Ilari who, if he spoke of infidelities, threatened to destroy at least 50 families. “I don’t have a family and I’ve been chaste for ten years. One day, When I want to talk I will talk. And I hope someone gets an apology…,” the Romanian showgirl replied.

In fact, this is not the first time that Flavia Vento has received the Golden Tapir due to his alleged affair with the former Roma captain. Seventeen years ago, Staveley interrupted her to ask if this story was true. She indirectly asserted: “Do you think I’m making up everything? What, am I crazy?”.

Golden Tapir from Flavia Vento (Ansa)

Totti Blasi breakup, Flavia Vento fact: the case will end in court

In the meantime, it appears that the case may end in court because it seems impossible for the two parties to reach an agreement. According to Corriere della Sera, in fact, Totti would be willing to take on the very high costs (apparently at least 20 thousand euros per month) for the villa at the price of EUR. Moreover, also school fees From private schools exclusively for children, at least 5 thousand euros per month.

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However, the proposal was rejected and there is only one way to solve the problem a Judge. In recent days, rumors have been circulating about an alleged offer of 37 thousand euros per month that the former footballer would refuse to pay.

Totti Place
Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi at the Olympic Stadium (ANSA)

The presenter’s lawyer categorically denied all allegations: “Ms. Blasey has never asked for any maintenance allowance for herself: neither €20,000, nor €10,000, nor €1. This news is again part of a careful out-of-procedural strategy to try to make Mrs. Blasey appear as though she is not.

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