The most expensive e-bike on the market | Is it worth it? It costs like a motorcycle…

The most expensive e-bike on the market |  Is it worth it?  It costs like a motorcycle…

Sport bike price, scooter performance, all in one convenient package of high quality for cycling enthusiasts. Is this e-bike really the best in the range? Or is the price not justified at all?

We all know what they are cars And the Motorcycles The most expensive in the world. Have you ever wondered How much can it cost Instead of an e-bike? Beyond the price range we can start talking about luxury cycling? Of course, we have the answer and are ready to share it with you. But first we have to make a nice trip to Switzerland, right across the border.

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On his official website updated this year only, Swiss House Strömer declare to be: “Here to change everything.” Indeed, this highly ordered and perfectly accessible home portal for all potential customers has some electric bikes that will forever change the way you perceive and view e-bikes.

We recently discovered with accurate search This particular model of this Swiss brand is the most expensive mass-produced electric bike in the world. In the list, we obviously do not take into account the craft models or the unique models, those Let’s leave them to Ferrari Let’s hope!

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Stromer ST5, for those pedaling spenders (Instagram)

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Also this year, for the second time in a row, on the Stromer list we found the ST5, a very coveted looking e-bike with this gray frame solid and modern which you can walk the bike paths in your area…if you are willing to pay what you would pay for a brand new sports bike to put on your bike rack in the car!

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there The cost of the Stromer ST5 is 10,000 euros But beware, this is only the base price for the model. Our electric bike was imported to Italy by Binke Bikes, and is so top of the range that there are those who joke that they are called Bugatti bikes. But what makes the ST5 so expensive and unique?

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First of all, the bike benefits from the Swiss policy that Do not impose any restrictions Speed ​​and power on e-bikes: Powered by a battery-powered electric motor mounted at the rear instead of in the center of the frame, the ST5 has a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour — it can keep up with a Piaggio without — and a total range of 180 kilometres.

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Professional man beard not included in price (Inside Evs)

The bike is not only capable of shooting like a motorbike, but it also has extremely powerful LED lights that will not leave you on the coolest roads even in the darkest country roads, tires custom made Nothing short of Pirelli, a chassis to protect the batteries and even a built-in GPS, something that no other model can boast of. But who is here to pay 10,000 euros? Don’t ask any questions: it’s clearly a bike for the rich!

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