Lucarelli Monster Attack: “I waited for it to finish…”

Lucarelli Monster Attack: “I waited for it to finish…”

Wild Lucarelli He also takes it on monsters. The columnist, who spoke on her podcast “Il Sottosopra”, does not like Francesca Vagnani’s procedure: “I waited for the end of this edition to comment on it because, simply put, I wanted to understand where it was going.” And that’s just the beginning: “Reading social networks and sites, Beasts is the greatest case of television in human history. The day before it aired, my timeline was invaded with shocking statements to Beasts, by people announcing Francesca Fanani of being attacked and abused by people who say they love peas too much,” Lucarelli continues, referring to a confession from Bianca Balti.

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However for hermonsters It’s not a program, it’s something between a reflexology hypnosis session in which people suddenly come out with what they removed or hid and a cover fromHence the pit on the journalist: “We could say that Beasts is an interview program in which the truly fierce thing is above all the ambition of the host. Fagnani is a journalist and what interests her is not that the program is entirely interesting but it is “newsworthy”or that his guests say something that will then be re-launched through websites, social networks and newspapers.

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Analyzing the entire broadcast, the columnist goes so far as to say that “the interviewee is the least valuable element, paradoxically: his story as a whole is uninteresting, and an unpublished photo does not appear.” In short, Beasts is software designed for Enhance the personality of the interlocutor: You go there to let the broadcaster win.” True peace Rai 2 viewers disagree with.

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