Totti Blasi: Ilary in Bangkok with Bastian on New Year’s Eve without Francesco

Totti Blasi: Ilary in Bangkok with Bastian on New Year’s Eve without Francesco

to Joan Cavalli

The TV presenter traveled to Thailand for the New Year with her new partner

Regards and kisses, just long enough to shake off Christmas lunch With relatives And the Ilary Blasey Already exists Holiday to celebrate b new years. destination: Bangkok, Thailand (Or at least this is the first stage, so who knows). No need to guess, just look at the photos and videos provided by the same presenterFamous Island Posted on his profile Instagram Followed by more than 2 million people.

The sequence begins with a close-up of a file passport and on nails of hand enamelled gold/bronze coordinating with the color of the overalls, then follows with Ilary perched on a comfortable first class bed, a shot in the taxi and Soi CowboyBuilding Street BangkokFinally a panoramic view of the city lights from the stairs Lebua Hotel in the State Tower (as the girl poses in a black cardigan dress with red Balenciaga lettering and matching ankle boots), before sitting down at the table in the restaurant Sirocco (Free version of Italy’s Scirocco supposedly serves multi-starred Mediterranean cuisine, no T-shirts and slippers, dress code even for kids), on the 63rd floor of the building, just below the Golden Dome.

Nor did she set out alone, ilary, So much so that someone takes pictures of it. This time I’m not Sisters Sylvia and Melorystayed in Rome. To share the adventure, even if you can’t see it, it’s actually there Bastian Muellerthe athlete Entrepreneur to Frankfurt, heiress to a family of builders, has been paired with her for some time now. Blond German boy, tall and muscular like a Viking, with whom Ilary went skiing employment St. Moritz snowHe was absent (justified) at the Christmas parties that everyone spent with his family. But he immediately reappeared in the end-of-year trip, during which the former Letrina will try to forget the tensions and sorrows of 2022: gossip and photos on the field Naomi Bocchidenial, indignation, and finally separation from Francesco Totti With all its differences and sealed papers. A toast to his beauty for happier days.

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until the Captain She is leaving, to a place not yet known, with a presumably strange destination. as it turns out, Totti He must greet the new year in the company of Naimi and, apparently, the three children Christian, Chanel and IsabelleUnless there are sudden changes in plans. So it’s a family holiday, don’t leave the kids alone on December 31st, and it’s not a romantic getaway, even if the couple celebrates their one-year anniversary in January. Their story gets more serious soon after New Year 2022as Gelorossi 10 himself said In the interview with Corriere. It is among the good resolutions for the year that begins of course Francis He’ll put these in: finding an agreement with Ilary so that the separation will be as less conflictual as possible, and perhaps avoid ending up in court. and end the dispute as soon as possible Rolex handbags making them kiss Civil judge.

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