Back and forth between Alex Bailey and Sully Sorge

Live GF Vip Episode 24: Push and Pull between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. record minute by minute day

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22.56 Signorini says that if Delia wants to have direct contact, Alex repeats: “You shouldn’t call.”

22.54 Delia didn’t want to go to Big Brother and Alex is happy about it

22.47 La Volpe defines all this as a spectacle

22.41 Signorini asks Soleil about the person outside: ‘I take full responsibility, I know what I want. I know the feelings a person feels on the outside and I want to build something beyond physical impulses. With Alex, this is not the direction of our relationship. I don’t like two men, I can distinguish everything better, I know what I have on the outside then with Alex. I live in the moment, not wanting to do any harm.”

22.38 Sulley in the studio for a face-to-face talk with Signorini after Alex’s love confession “He stunned me when he admitted it but for better or worse I felt it. I’ve always tried to protect everything, even our lives from here, but in the same way I tried to see the truth. When it revealed I was Confused, because I was always trying to protect him. Of course I love him as a human being”

22.27 Signorini asks Alex for clarification on this unexpected and uncontrollable situation: “Alvo – responds – I have rarely felt this way, in general I am always in control. With Sole, we met an incredible relationship and when I felt this in my heart … That was the last thing I thought I could feel. We’re in a bubble, in a car that’s speeding up everything, I’d like to keep Sulli the way we can enjoy it, if there’s one thing we should be ashamed of is love. Delia knows very well how much we love each other. , which specified that one cannot love even though there is another situation.” Can you love two people at the same time?

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22.22 So Billy admitted his feelings for Soleil. Let’s review his confession clip

10:17 p.m. Sulli: “No matter how true the kiss…the kiss was definitely color-coded for the moment” Signorini insists asking if it was true “It was true. Without the cameras I don’t think there would be anything other than who we are. I walked in. In crisis because Alex went into protection in the last episode and raised my suspicions “Billy:”After the kiss you were entering something I wanted to protect. It’s not that I threw a stone and pulled my hand, in the last episode something entered my heart, from the icy world of friendship we had there was A bullet beyond my control.”

22.13 Back to talking about the Delia-Alex-Soleil triangle

10:10 p.m. Clarissa in the studio: “Maria the audience sees everything from the house and your attack was pathetic”

22.08 Maria: “Lulu called me an idiot and I’m not modest at all. I felt scorned. You confused my kindness and abused me.” The two clashed during the week

22.06 Lulu: “Precisely because she’s not a pain competition I haven’t told her about certain things that are very strong.” Jessica: “We have a very heavy title on our shoulders. For the life that has passed us by we are very humble”

22.02 Jessica: “We have always learned something from Katya. But it is one thing in common. Katya took it very personally.” Manila: ‘What he said was very bad’

22.00 Katya: «I see no curiosity to understand life, who made the bouquet. I wish I had the chance to talk to them. But what can you get at 18, if I have it! I personally didn’t go knocking on Big Brother to say take me”

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21.55 In the house there is a generational clash between the women of the house, in particular between Katya and the princesses. section

21.52 Under the covers in the house are also Miriana, Biagio, then Sophie and Gianmaria

21.47 Let’s go. The house is full of love: Alex has declared himself to Sulli, let’s see the clip

21.45 Alfonso Singorini advances

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The push and pull between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge doesn’t seem to find relief. On the one hand, there is Alex who, with his wife Delia in the house, tries to maintain behavior befitting a married man and rarely succeeds, on the other hand, there is Sully who often questions the validity of Alex’s feelings but then I can’t get away from him.

Manila Nazzaro is waiting for a moment of intense emotion: the former Miss Italy will be able to meet her mother by surprise. On TV: Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lolo Selassie, Jessica Selassie and Patrizia Pellegrino.

New posts have arrived in recent days – first Patricia Pellegrino and Maria Monsi, then Valeria Marini, Giacomo Ortis and Biagio Daniele – introducing themselves, and for this reason, there is no shortage of exchanges and discussions. After all, a clash of generations takes place at Casa di Grande Frateello Vip that sees Katia Ricciarelli and Manila Nazzaro opposing the Selassie sisters.

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