Antonella Clerici, the farewell of her life partner is very painful: the family is broken and there is no hope of reconciliation

Antonella Clerici, the farewell of her life partner is very painful: the family is broken and there is no hope of reconciliation
Antonella Clerici – ifood

The end of the story between Antonella Clerici and her partner is very sad. The farewell was unexpected.

Antonella Clerici He is preparing to return to his place at the helm of the program It’s always noon He will return to the sound of recipes, guests, and chatter to keep viewers company.

Meanwhile, the holidays continue, and after visiting various places such as wonderful Norway and our local Liguria, in recent days a joint post depicting her with a recognizable face has been transmitted.

The blonde presenter has proven once again that she is an outspoken and loyal person, with a calm heart and attitude. The post in which it was viewed was filled with likes and comments Carlotta Mantovanlate widow Fabrizio Fritzi.

from the caption “And like every mid-August…we” It seems the two women spend this day together every year. Adherents of this human side are sympathetic Antonelina. For example, we read in the comments: “You are true friends, Antonella is a great woman who never forgot the wife of the great Fabrizio Friese. There are few women like this in the world of prom and sequins. Girls take an example” And many others of the same content. But what happened to his partner? Let’s see what happened.

Antonella Clerici: Farewell to her partner

Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garron I have been a couple for about 7 years. A real lightning strike, so much so that Al courier The owner of the project said: “When I entered the restaurant, it was a flash of light. We started talking and forgot about our friend. After that, I just stood there, in the void left by his taxi, like an idiot. I went back to the hotel and walked on the clouds.”

But then why throw it all away? Let’s find out what happened in the life and history of a face It’s always noon.

Clerici and Garrone Love - ifood
Antonella Clerici and life partner Vittorio Garrone – ifood

What happened

Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garron They are bound by deep love, although there is no word on marriage yet. In fact, the two have reiterated over and over that they are not ready for the big move. Could this be the reason for the end of the relationship? Actually no, it is not the end of the current relationship that we want to talk about but the relationship with the ex-lover Eddie Martens, The dancer who gave her daughter the following.

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A relationship that seemed like life, although there were several years of difference between them, but it ended between mutual accusations and accusations by the man who repeatedly explained the reasons for the separation, or rather that she no longer had time for him. Obviously, the right person has not arrived yet and Everlasting love.

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