Here’s how to spot and fix it

Here’s how to spot and fix it

Car tax is one of the most hated and forgotten by Italians. It is a tax that he must pay every year every year Owning a vehicle running on public land.

This tax is of the regional type, which means that the amount, rules regarding deductions, exemptions, and special characteristics of the tax Change from one region to another.

But what do you do if you suspect you’ve forgotten to pay car tax for a year or longer? How to see unpaid car tax? The procedure is very simple, let’s see it step by step in this article.

Unpaid Motor Vehicle Tax: ACI website

First of all, we need to know that in addition to the regions, they are also responsible for this tax ACI, or the Italian Automobile Club. For this reason, it is possible to find a lot of useful information for stamp duty payment on the official website, namely on

On this site you can access a lot of useful information to pay this tax correctly, but also to Find out if there are any payment arrears due or unpaid car tax.

And, as expected, they are obliged to pay everyone who turns out to be so Owners of one or more vehicles. To see if there is a file Unpaid car taxfor the current year, but also for years ago, it is possible to access the ACI website.

It must be remembered, as also determined by the Revenue Agency, that the car tax is a real tax, so in the event of non-payment it is possible to fall into an unpleasant situation Receive a non-payment notice at home.

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In this case, there is a risk that one will later find himself paying the amount owed, but with Add penalties and benefitsbased on the length of time that has elapsed since the payment was due.

To find out the unpaid car tax, you can find out the amount and the related penalties Access the ACI website In “Online Services” and on the “Calculation of Stamp Duty and Premium Stamps” page. At this point, you can go to the “Payment Renewal” section, and then select the “Ex-stamp due date”.

In this way, it is possible to find out whether the sealing fee has not been properly welded, and What is the amount to be paidAnd what is the actual fine added to the amount.

Car tax and unpaid prescriptions

The official website of ACI contains many information that precisely defines What are the amounts for which the car tax has not been paid?As well as deadlines, the name of the vehicle owner and the license plate.

Strictly, ACI keeps all vehicle and owner data on file in accordance with PRA, or Public Motor Registry. But what happens if the stamp duty has not been paid for several years?

over there This tax expires She is always three years oldIt is therefore possible in the meantime to receive notices at home, by mail, requesting payment of the tax due, with additional penalties and interest.

For this reason, it is always advisable to inform yourself in time about the deadlines and keep under control the official website of the ACI in order to find out your attitude towards this tax. The site bears in mind All payment deadlines and amounts to be paid And to whom they refer.

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We must also remember that I Limitation periods have been suspended From the moment the citizen is notified of the payment of arrears, it is not recommended to pay these amounts.

the It is always possible to pay unpaid car taxeven after the deadline, albeit with some amounts added for penalties and interest, as also happens for other taxes in Italy.

What happens if the car tax is not paid?

But what would happen if it was Car tax has not been paid for a long time? First of all, the responsible bodies can ask the car owner to settle the debt, by means of a payment notice, or by sending a tax collection notice, or by means of a payment notice.

If the owner, despite the requests, does not pay this amount, then in fact he has contracted a debt, and this means that the tax authorities can also It was decided to move on.

In addition to applying a penalty that increases over time, the Vehicle radiation from PRAThus, the car will not be able to return to normal rotation on public lands.

To do this, the owner will then have to pay all unpaid stamp duty, but in addition, he will have to Proceed to a new recording. Administrative impoundment of a vehicle is the worst consequence of not paying the road tax, so it is always advisable to take care of these liabilities.

However, we must also remember that There are special cases of exemptionor cases where, based on regional provisions, this tax is not expected to apply.

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