Totti and Elari, prepare the big check. You will stay in Eur mega-villa and your shares will be liquidated

Totti and Elari, prepare the big check.  You will stay in Eur mega-villa and your shares will be liquidated

Elari Place She will stay with her three children in the matrimonial home – the mega villa in Eur with 25 rooms – and will receive every month from Francesco Totti a dependency allowance to several zeros. These will be the terms of the agreement between the former Roma captain and the TV presenter. An agreement, apparently, that could have been reached out of court and should be finalized tomorrow. Before the news of the breakup was announced, in fact, the couple had been acting with “lights out” to find Square.

That may be why last February, after the first press rumors about their crisis, they denied everything. Now that their 20-year marriage is officially over and the legal papers signed, Blasey has decided to travel to Tanzania with her sister Sylvia and children Christian, Chanel and Isabel.

Totti loses his love, but finds another one: the ex-captain approaches Rome


Separation by “assisted negotiations” is one of the new procedures introduced in 2014, which allows you to reach the state of separation in a short time and without going to court. The spouses, with the assistance of their attorney, determine the custody of minor children, the provisions of a hereditary nature, who must provide alimony and to what extent. Once an agreement is reached, it is subject to the permission of the public prosecutor and then the lawyers refer it to the municipal registry for ratification. If Totti and Ilari had opted for the traditional process of consensual separation, as Nicolo Zaniolo and Sara Scapirotta did for example, they would have had to appear before the presiding judge of Rome, then wait another 6-7 months to arrange a match. In short, it would have taken more than a year. With assisted negotiation, on the other hand, the procedure is completed in a month and a half at most.

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Blasi turned to attorney Alessandro Simeone, a marriage lawyer from Milan, described by his colleagues as a “Mastiff”, an expert on VIP clients (among his clients, at the time, Simona Ventura), and several famous people from the world of Mediaset. While “Boboni” chose to be his defender Antonio Conte, who followed in the separation of both Zaniolo and Daniele De Rossi, and who helps Roma with sporting justice. Even if the real “deus ex Machina” appears to be her historical accountant, Adolfo Leonardi.

Elari Blasey, First photos from Tanzania after Totti’s farewell: with the kids in Gucci slippers (and socks)

The agreement reached also stipulates that Totti will liquidate their stake, 90% (the remaining shares are from Elari’s relatives) in Number Five srl and in the Sporting Club Totti. The first objective is to promote business activities. The second, on the other hand, is aimed at spreading amateur sports through the management of the “Totti Sporting Club” center in Ostia. For the rest, the spouses are in separate assets. You own an apartment in Milan, one in Rome, two garages and bare property in part of the matrimonial villa. While he is the owner of the latter, of a house in Saboudia, a villa in the Aksa district, an apartment in Euro, two warehouses and two garages (also in the capital).

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