Valeria Marini, Giacomo Ortis and Biagio Daniele are new contenders

GF Vip, Episode Twenty-Third Live: Tonight One Killed and Three New Entrances. After Maria Monse and Patricia Pellegrino arrived at the house Other FibonacciAnd Valeria Marini, Giacomo Ortis and Biagio Daniele . that it News minute by minute.

BIG BROTHER VIP, live on Monday 29th November on LEGGO.IT

22.50 No problem, the two embrace, but we do see the clip of the squabbles running between the two.

22.47 To welcome Valeria Marini it will be Francesca Cipriani who has been frozen, there is no good blood between the two

22.43 Valeria Marini in front of the red door and eye bandage, after lobotomy: “For me, it means rewind and rebirth. I love Manuel so much, he has a great poem inside of him.”

22.40 Delia was in Turin on Saturday for a fashion show, but backstage he approached the supermodel, Simone Bonacoursi, and allowed himself to go into great complicity. Later we’ll see Che’s cover and Alex Bailey’s reactions

22.39 Signorini clarifies what Katia said: “I want to avoid any reference to racism, but to the iconic characters who symbolize the indifference who do not see, do not hear, do not speak”

22.25 Page turned, it’s time for the princesses who said they deserved to stay in the GF more than the “elders”. Ricciarelli is so hot: ‘You have to stop talking about your past and get more respect, you look like the Three Monkeys’

10:16 p.m. Alex: “If Delia understood my words, she reacted as she should, and I no longer know how to explain that there is such a beautiful complicity, it is a little different form of love. When you give me a role I try.” Signorini: “I asked You kiss yourself a real kiss but I don’t think so, you put a kiss in it.” Katya: “The more I stay here with them the more I see them get attacked, there must be something”

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22.11 After the Turandot show, the interest between Alex and Soleil did not end. Clip with comments from other tenants

22.07 Sulli laughs: “We planned it differently, then the emotion, the rain made us enter the role”

04.22 Alex: “Everything that’s done here isn’t going well, I’m an actor on stage… It’s a TV adaptation.” Signorini points out that this isn’t a scenic kiss “a friend of mine wouldn’t kiss with that momentum or passion.”

21.59 The boys review Seb last Friday by entering Delia

Gf Vip, Delia enters the house: Hot kisses with Alex Belli under Soleil’s gaze

21.53 We see the clip of Turandot with the offending kiss

21.48 Alex, Soleil, and Delia represent the triangle for this edition. After the kiss between Alex and Sully, Delia “revenges” in the arms of another man

21.44 Alfonso Signorini offers between new entries and a hot kiss between Soleil and Alex Bailey

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In the nomination tonight in Big Brother Vibe Manila, Clarissa, Lulu, Sully, Carmen. For the competitor who leaves the house, three more will enter. names Valeria Marini and Giacomo Ortis, who should enter as the only contender, then Biagio Danieli.

Vippos still don’t know that GF Vip won’t end in December, but the final will take place in mid-March

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