Toro-Inter 3-3 (9-8 pens) Cairo: “The victory would have pleased my father”

Toro-Inter 3-3 (9-8 pens) Cairo: “The victory would have pleased my father”

President’s words at the end of the match against the Nerazzurri

Torino won the “Memoria Mamma e Papa Cairo” award for the first time. Primavera players were able to perform solidly and consistently, winning back the score several times. President Cairo made statements of jubilation at the end of the challenge. The owner of the club finally managed to lift the trophy intended for his parents after nine copies. His full remarks are below.

Cairo talk after winning the Inter

“We are very happy, finally a victory. After nine editions of the tournament it was first dedicated to my mother and then unfortunately it was also dedicated to my father. As I watched the match, I thought I had watched it with them. So much fun, my mother would say every now and then: ‘But why do we score Goals and then we give up right away”? Then after 3-3 he would have said: “How beautiful, a comeback from the heart of Toro”. Then Mum and Dad would be happy. Fan, but after 9 years it’s a happy moment. My parents would have been happy. Congratulations to all the difference. “ The president mentions the players who turned pro after the tournament: “88 Players who have played here made their debuts in the First Division and another 80 in the Second Division. I’ve seen some good teams, congratulations, clubs that invest a lot in young players. But do not give up on studying, because it is necessary. We are a very big family and I have my nieces and nephews here. We are four very close brothers and the thing our parents always taught us is to unite. I also say it to teams: unity is strength. Everyone sticks together to achieve a great goal. Finally, thanks to Alexandria: “Thank you to Alessandria who hosted us and allowed us to use Moccagatta. My dad played with Alessandria and today he will be doubly happy. Let’s hope he can have a great tournament, if he needs help I’ll give it to him. Thanks to Milan, Inter and Juventus for participating in the tournament”.

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