Massimo Mauro responds to Mourinho: “If he needs an enemy, I am not available.”

Massimo Mauro responds to Mourinho: “If he needs an enemy, I am not available.”

After the Roma coach's harsh words towards the Mediaset commentator, the response arrives: “If he needs an enemy, I am not available.”

It was inevitable and correct that the response would arrive, and it is a right that cannot be denied. Massimo Mauro, after Jose Mourinho's attack yesterday on the Mediaset microphones at the end of the match against Cremonese (the former player was not in the studio), does not raise his tone, but he does not deny what he said to the press after Roma-Napoli, and he does so with great calm and elegance: “It's not “I have to repeat anything I said 10 days ago – says in the Juventus post – Salernitana from the studio -. There is every respect for the players, the referees and the players.” “Also for Mo. If he needs an enemy, I'm not available, and if he wants to talk about football, we will when we meet. I'll listen to him for a month when he talks about football. He's a great player.” “He never does anything randomly, and he must have his reasons. It is my job, my interlocutors are the company I work for and my conscience.”


Mo felt angry at Mauro's comment on his players' behavior against the Italians. “He is a former footballer, and disrespecting people who eat from the same plate as him is bad. There are people with different looks, when there is someone who put his butt on the bench or put his foot on the field,” “They understand and respect – “It seems to me that he is still eating from this plate,” the Roma coach said. “I don’t think he works for his beautiful face, but he takes the money.” Mauro expressed himself, saying: “The behavior of the players was questionable, and it was a very difficult match for the referee, which I justified. I saw a match full of mistakes and quarrels, and it was unsportsmanlike and I think that if it was an accurate strategy of Mourinho’s team, it is more dangerous because it conflicts with The spirit of football.

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