A dog runs on the subway and sits in the center, what happens makes you speechless

A dog runs on the subway and sits in the center, what happens makes you speechless

This dog runs madly inside the subway, and then sits in the center. What happens next leaves everyone speechless.

A dog in the metro – travel.nanopress.it

Dogs are man’s best friend, they are always on our side. But obviously, those who don’t have a four-legged friend might have a hard time making sense of it. A dog, unlike many other animals, is loyal to you and above all understands when you are in trouble, bitter or sad. With simple gestures, he can improve your day, and most of all, make you smile again. But there are puppies and puppies, obviously not all of them housetrained, and some who live in pure freedom. In this case, they are considered stray dogs, and this happens because they may have been previously abandoned by previous families.

The story we will see today is a very special one, as the dog plays the role of the story. This dog was on a subway, when at one point he started running wild. Then he sits in the middle of the subway, but what happens a few minutes later leaves everyone truly speechless. But let’s try to understand together what happened in those minutes.

This dog is running in the middle of the subway

A man named Ellie drives to the Kiev-Koltsevaya metro station almost every day. Ellie is a worker who prefers to use her city’s transportation to get around to work and back home, as it is more convenient and efficient. He’s tried several times to make the commute home to work by car, but it takes twice as long. Every time he takes the subway, especially in the morning, it is always very full because many other workers do the same as him.

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However, one day, he witnesses a scene he has never seen before, which also surprises him.

German shepherd
German Shepherd – travel.nanopress.it

He has just finished work, when he is on the first subway back home, everything there is quiet, but as soon as he gets on the subway, everything changes. He had just sat down when he saw a dog running wildly between one cart and another. It gave him the first impression that he was looking for something or someone like his master.

In fact, this is not at all the case, because he does not smell anything. Oddly enough that afternoon the subway was more full than usual, in fact the dog should make plenty of space between people. At one point, the dog stopped in the middle of the subway, right in front of him. He sits because there is no seat at all, he actually thinks he wants to sit in the seat like humans. But this time he got screwed.

A middle-aged woman sits in the middle seat across from him, and to his side is a farmer who seems to be reading a newspaper, and on the other side is a boy who is listening to music. The woman is always looking out the window, probably looking for her fiery stop, and also seems very agitated. In fact, he did not stay long, and after a couple of minutes his descent stopped.

Before anyone can take a seat, the German Shepherd dog sitting in the middle of the subway walks over to the empty seat the woman previously occupied and sits there. But no one ever predicts what will happen.

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The dog’s gesture makes everyone speechless

After sitting down, the dog stares incessantly at the peasant who is reading the newspaper, as if recognizing him. theIn fact, the man does not calculate it at all and continues to read the newspaper. The dog without any kind of warning hits the man with his wet nose on the cheek. At that point, the guy realizes that, maybe he thinks he just wants his attention, so he gives a hint with a smile but continues reading the newspaper again.

The dog is not satisfied, he wants to achieve his goal, but none of those present has yet figured out what it is. Then he poked the farmer’s cheek again with his wet nose.

A dog sleeps on subway seats
A dog sleeping on metro benches – Viaggi.nanopress.it

At that point, the man couldn’t take it anymore, so he decided to get up and stand on the edge of the subway, so it soon had to go down regardless. The boy listening to music got off the subway at the last stop, so at this point, the dog had all the free seats next to him. At that point, he made a really unexpected gesture, everyone was actually surprised. Even before new people get on it, the dog lies down along its entire length, along the benches. It doesn’t take long before she closes her eyes, at which point Ellie realizes she’s asleep.

The dog, a German Shepherd named Duma, simply wanted to sleep, all his behavior was aimed at this. He doesn’t even know the man who upset him, it was a way of making him understand that he had to get up, so that the place could be entirely his own.

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