He returns to Serie A after a year, always Juventus against Inter

He returns to Serie A after a year, always Juventus against Inter

He initially lost his position, and his future may be a return to the Italian league: Inter and Juventus are ready to take advantage of it.

Tomorrow is the day Juventus Intera challenge that can say a lot about the formations championship Fun And the irritable.

Allegri and Inzaghi © La Presse

Hopes of being able to fight to the end for the title pass by the challenge of the Allianz Stadium, an Italian derby ready to move from the stadium to the market in a few weeks.

Juventus And the InterIn fact, they share different market needs in light of the upcoming season. We can talk about the necessary reinforcements in the advanced section, with at least one spare launcher serving both teams. But even in the back pack, something must be done, and in this sense the Bianconeri and the Nerazzurri can be attracted by the possibility of taking a chance in Premier League. There he plays, or rather he no longer plays, a footballer who performed well in the Italian league before moving to England.

Internal transfer market, idea Tomiyasu: watch out for Juventus

Tomiyasu © LaPresse

As read in “Interlive.it”Inter can evaluate the idea of ​​bringing Takehiro back to Italy Tommaso. The 23-year-old Japanese defender has not played for Arsenal in several months, thanks to some physical issues and the balance found with Cedric’s left-handed use. The possibility that the Nerazzurri will not be able to assess whether the “Gunners” decide to sell the former Bologna only on loan with a right of return.

An idea she might like, too Juventus. Like Inter, the Bianconeri also need to bring in new forces in the back section and Tomiyasu could be the perfect profile too considering his age. Purchased this summer for about twenty million euros, the Japanese could return to the top flight after only a year: Inter and Juventus are considering it.

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