Nuovo Giornale Nazionale – Science versus nature

The inhabitants of the magical planet are our ancestors not too far away at present, and currently live here and there, in the recesses of the remaining rainforest, in Siberia, Mongolia and in our countryside where they recover and predict drought and abundance. The new culture is now destined to replace the myriad local worlds that traditional societies have managed to create everywhere to enjoy life. today is It was officially acknowledged that the Watusi (averaging about two meters in height) and their dwarf neighbours, were given a hundred years to disappear, along with their magic and the magic of any other population. Meanwhile, they changed their name in the newspapers: they are called Tutsi. If the New World cannot be achieved by hook, it will be by crook. If the formula is incorrect, the force will fix it. The new world, where men are turned into pets, as imagined by Isaac Asimov (“The Foundation Course”), must be born from the voluntary co-operation of the victims themselves. To describe the order in which they wished to place themselves and all others, they began by proposing their ideal biological model, the evolutionary tree, personified by Charles Darwin. His books, The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, preceded any other important scientific work, and all subsequent discoveries which contradicted it or which could only be explained by magic, were ignored, dismissed, renamed by other names, and defined as “paradoxes” by disguised methods, Such as (in recent years) cutting funding for research. In this light, like aphorisms, the figure of Galileo and the figure of Giordano Bruno can be better understood.
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Galileo Galileo is the model of behavior that scientists follow today. The Besan scientist discovered that the atmosphere was not a sphere of bright dots (stars) with Earth in the center. Galileo provided evidence that the sun does not revolve around the earth, and that the universe does not exist in the sky that man imagined. At this point: Called to explain his heretical theories of the Holy Office, Galileo has been pardoned for having made a false retraction.

Giordano Bruno’s story starts from the same premise but reaches different conclusions. Giordano Bruno’s error is well explained in the years when the character is introduced to the readers, in the second half of the nineteenth century, after the astronomer Rossi, with a new telescope more powerful than the others, sent all the other astronomers to review it. Their theories about the heavens on the human scale. The former monk of Nola had imagined the consequences of a Russian discovery in religion: if the heavens and constellations did not exist, and if the universe was so vast that one cannot even imagine its limits. .. How can so many creative minds coexist? History states that it was precisely this idea that caused him to be condemned to death. Giordano Bruno, according to David Levy whose history he traced in an 1888 biography, explains that the sky is the region of magic, explains what magic is to the educated people of his time, and says that Bruno was right in saying that men were born to live in a magical dimension, but he was wrong when He said that there may be other planets like ours in the universe. It wasn’t even the expression of the concept that there could be creative minds other than earthly ones… you never know. Giordano Bruno ended up being burned at the stake. By describing the personality of Giordano Bruno, current biographers ignore the magical power of the mind of society. Only old people, like David Levy, talk about it because it was obviously the topic of the day. Giordano Bruno was a victim of an emerging astronomy, along with the honesty of scientists.

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‚ÄúThis mind which has the power to produce and pursue all species with such fine architecture from matter to action, must have them according to a certain formal reason, the first formal principle and effective nature, is the spirit of the universe, which is the principle of life, vegetation, and meaning in all things. .. in which everything is animated, and an immense spirit, according to various causes and orders, fills and contains everything. (Giordano Bruno, “Della Causa”, quoted in D. Levi *)

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