To save money on shopping every day, here’s a simple trick that just paper and pencil is enough

Shopping can be annoying when we see the prices go up and the bill skyrocket. We may also undertake to prepare the menu carefully and carefully, but sometimes that is not enough.

We have already seen what they are 3 bad habits that cause the bill to rise, but we can give it up right away to save money. Once we stop making these very common mistakes, we can adopt another trick.

So let’s see what is a good practice and how to apply this clever trick that just paper and a pencil is enough.

Smart saving is possible

Saving smartly is possible if you know how to do it. Those who are tech savvy can buy groceries online by applying Mini guide in 10 steps To save without making mistakes. In e-commerce, in fact, you can find offers, but you can also compare prices for products. Not to mention the convenience of bringing your shopping home, which saves time and energy.

However, there are those who prefer to go to the market or supermarket to see for themselves what they are buying and choose the best fruits and vegetables.

Those who see it this way know that there are ways to save, even when prices are rising. In particular, there is a very simple and practical trick that you can apply to start saving on spending. Just bring a paper and a pencil with you.

To save money on shopping every day, here’s a simple trick that just paper and pencil is enough

First, take a sheet of paper and make a list of the foods you buy most often. In fact, starting from the basics can be a good start to training yourself to apply this method. Later, other products can be added.

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Once you have your list, take it with a pencil when you go shopping. Before adding products to the cart, mark the price of each food and where to buy it on the sheet. Next time, buy the same foods elsewhere and follow the same process.

In time, you will have one table With prices for each product extensive and complete. This way, it will be easier to choose where to buy them to save money. It is advisable to choose 3 or 4 seats max, in order to optimize the time and number of checkouts.

It is also important to always indicate the full price and not the potential discounted price. In fact, discounts vary over time and it is better not to rely on them. Instead, mark the day when there are discounts at that particular store, so you can get there in time and save more. But always have a full table close at hand.

To save money on shopping every day, here’s a simple trick that just paper and pencil will do.


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