The price of this fuel has skyrocketed

The price of this fuel has skyrocketed

The increase in fuel prices has been going practically without interruption for months. The situation has become unsustainable not only for consumers but also for service providers. Precisely for this reason, the possibility of a strike that could last a few days is rising.

Sure, refueling your car is essential, but for many, this process proves to be a real drain. Despite repeated appeals by associations working in the field of consumer protection, the cost has not shown any signs of decreasing for months, on the contrary, the increases are continuing continuously and uncontrollably. The current situation in Ukraine also has repercussions for this area, with all due respect to motorists.

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However, it is not only consumers who pay the price, but also professionals. Those who think that the higher cost of fuel means greater returns for them, however, should change their minds. For this Opens the possibility of abstaining from service Distributors of methane, are among those who suffer the most in this period.

Methane distributors strike: Insiders threaten shutdown

CNG distributors are in an unprecedented position e And so they repeatedly cried to the government for help in the hope of getting tangible support. They are represented by the trade associations Assogasmetano, Assopetroli-Assoenergia and Federmetano

Their demands are clear: There is a need for interventions that could lower the selling prices of methane to the public for cars. The possibility of a quick strike is more than tangibleto. “In the event that applications again submitted in the next advantageous provision are ignored, It will hit the sector on May 4, 5 and 6, 2022 They wrote in their petition.

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CNG Distributor
CNG Distributor (web source)

The released memo also makes a series of concrete proposals. First of all, emphasis is placed onVAT reduced from 22% to 5%already granted for civil and industrial uses, to which an extension is added credit tax for land carriers also to CNG”. Getting to a solution is very urgent, as well as to avoid that many families will be at the cost of more than what is happening now.

In fact, the methane supply chain includes 20,000 employees, more than 1,500 points of saleAnd 1,100,000 low-middle-income families, road carriers and local public transportation companies who have chosen methane for their mobility, in addition to the 30% of bio-methane already distributed on the grid for automotive uses. The interventions that led to the recent reduction in the cost of gasoline have further exacerbated the problem.

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