Gasoline price, hypothesis can be realized: the possible scenario

Gasoline price, hypothesis can be realized: the possible scenario

Gasoline price, according to rumors, the scenario may soon come true: Possible news is coming

Italians continue to deal with Gasoline price, which due to the energy crisis (aggravated by the war in Ukraine) continues to rise and fall dangerously. Fortunately, the government intervened to apply the 25 cents discount on Consumption fee (But with VAT you get about 30.5 cents) It allowed costs to cool down and give motorists a breather. The cost of fuel (diesel and gasoline) exceeded the limit threshold I rate myself 2 euros per liter. The state’s intervention has brought prices back to between 1.70 and 1.80 liters per liter, allowing continued increases to slow.

Gasoline price, government cuts extension hypothesis: The new dates (Ansa)

It must be said that instability remains, and the danger of others He increases looming. Here’s why, as it turns out sky, there is the possibility to see an extension of state deductions on tax fees. Currently, the discount is 25 cents each Gasoline and dieselat 25 cents, plus a value-added tax of 22%. Basically, the discount applied is 30.5 cents a liter. However, the costs are still higher than the cost of a public In retrospect: for gasoline, you pay 12.2% more, and for diesel, the increase is significant.

Government cuts to the price of gasoline, an extension could come

Gasoline price, government cuts extended: history

It will pay 22.7% more than it did in the same period in 2021. As of today, the discounts are set to end on May 2nd. The Def, which was approved by the Cabinet last week, provided for 5 billion in aid families and companies. This may be the context for getting the proproga through June, even if the resources have to come from additional production taxes collected by the state in the early months of 2022. Government sources also reported, according to Sky, that 5 billion of Def will be used to curb the price.

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Resources that will be used by multiple sources for Guarantee of continued discount. Today we are talking about a month, but the intention is to ensure this support for the duration of the crisis. You obviously look at the war in Ukraine: If this continues for more months, it will still be difficult to solve the problem.

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