Car tax, no longer the obligation to pay the unfair tax: they finally get it. The end of the nightmare

Car tax, no longer the obligation to pay the unfair tax: they finally get it.  The end of the nightmare

When it comes to taxes related to the automobile sector, all citizens and vehicle owners know how some of them, and one in particular, represent an open wound in the pockets: we are talking about the notorious tax.

the car tax, Unlike all other expense items related to car ownership, it has its own motivational reason a little Come estimated Or accepted by Majority of citizens: Why? It’s easy to say.

Insurance RC OttoOr come paid, Also expensive for car owners knowing to receive one “return”. Insurance coverage In case accidents Which we hope we never do anyway.

the a ticket Subordinate Parking They are paid precisely because they are being exploited Public parking spaces: I fees Highways you have to pay for Entering and exiting the r gatesReserved, while the car tax? What do you offer?

the Seal The car is simply one expenses That citizens are indebted to the state (or rather the region) simply for their existence friends From average. In fact, it is a property tax: regardless of how much and how much the car is used.

Car tax, finally the tipping point: This way you won’t pay it

a lot citizens, Not to mention that everyone wants it To do without: Even if there are exceptions, with very special exceptions, this opportunity does not exist for the majority of the public. however Something changes. The obligation, under a certain condition, does not exist, or rather will not exist: the tax that motorists consider unfair will disappear, and the nightmare it represents for drivers will disappear. Pockets Subordinate Taxpayers. but how?

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Stopping taxes and super taxes on cars is coming, but be careful, not all cars: those with foreign license plates. In practice, this is how it works. According to new European law There is an obligation to register the car within three months, including Italy, At the earliest if resident In Italy it is What is with you.

Foreign license

These subtleties can benefit everyone who has them Foreign license plate Because this way they will be able to not pay stamp duty and super stamp duty. And to drive to Italy and Do not bear penalties How do we do?

Driving with a foreign license plate, thus without paying anything for it Stamp duty and super stamp duty All you need is to have one with you letter From the truth What is with you From the car that Lives outside ItalyThrough it, yes He gives permission To trade in our territories in the form of lend also free. This way, no violation is committed.

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