Caroline Smith, after tumor continues treatment: ‘I have pain all over’

Caroline Smith is always smiling, and she manages to move it lightness and joy When did it appear on the small screen? to me Dancing with the StarsShe is the chairperson of the jury chosen by Mille Carlucci and made up of Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni and Silvagia Lucarelli. professional, But also from great irony. But behind the cameras, he must face the gods very difficult moments.

Caroline Smith, The Fight Against Disease

Caroline Smith, with her strong and wonderful personalityI managed to win the audience’s affectionwho follows it with love a Dancing with the Stars And in all her activities, she stayed by her side, making her feel a constant affection even in the most difficult times.

In fact, in 2015 Caroline He declared that he had begun the most difficult battle of his life, the fight against malignant breast cancer. On social media and through interviews, she never hides, tells of the development of the disease and difficulties and shows, above all, great power who was dealing with it all.

After a few years, specifically in 2018, his situation certainly seemed to have improved. Unfortunately, he had a relapse. for him fight cancerSo, she started again and she, tireless warriorAnd, once again, a formidable strength that she still shows today. For Smith, in fact, it’s not over yet.

Caroline Smith, Relapse risk is high: How are you

Caroline is much better today. However, he still has to continue to undergo treatment. As it was said in an interview with Diva e Donna magazine, in fact, risk of relapseFor her it reached 65% so it too high. That is why she should try to keep the situation under control through continuous treatments that have unpleasant effects on her body and cause her pain.

I’m in pain all over the place – Smith confessed – But we continue… with a smile.

And that’s just it, with a smile, determination and hope Caroline Smith He deals with the disease and gives an example to all who follow it: Never stop loving life And it never crashes even when everything seems to be going well.

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